Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

I woke up to see the sun shining into my room. Last night had been rough, i woke up several times in the night screaming and crying. I turned over to see Cayton still sleeping. I got out of bed to go change. I found this green tank top i bought when i went to the mall with Aria and some denim shorts.

"Hayden?!" I heard Cayton call to me

"Im just getting changed." I told him


He hasnt found a nick name for me yet. :( Oh well it will come when it comes. I walked out and found Cayton sitting up in the bed. I looked over at the clock 9:00. So much for sleeping in.

"Hey let me go home get some clothes and make it look like id been at home all night."Cayton said

"Yea i know how it is, hurry back though. Please. "

"I will." He had his clothes on now and walked over to give me a kiss.

I walked him over to the door. I noticed that Cayton's car and mine were the only one's still in the driveway. I walked over to my car to see a peice of paper in my door.

Oooo, you go girl! ;) just kidding I hope your ok, give me a call as soon as you get this. (and i need details)


Hhahaha nice Alexis. We all gave eachother spanish names I was Escavon, kay Edwardo, Niambe Cruz, and Alexis Tico.

Cayton looked over my shouolder and laughed.

"Alright, you better hurry up."

"Hahaha, i will." he said and drove off

I went back inside and cooked breakfast, Waffles! I put them on plates, heated up the syrup, and poured the orange juice. I set it all on the table. I mide sure it looked perfect and then went upstairs to get my i pod. I finnay found it under a bunch of notebooks. I looked to see if i had any notifications.

"Kay Smith messaged you. Kay Smith messaged you. Niambe Philps messaged you. Aria Cask messaged you. Alexis Suri messaged you. Cayton messaged you."

Well arnt i popular. :P

Caytons was the most recent so i opend it first. "On way back. See you soon. :)"

"Good :)" i told him

Kaylies "Hey i see Caytons car is still there" ";)"

"Haha Kay" i replied

Aria "Ooooh, getting busy arnt we ;)"

"NOO!!!! I was just freaked out soo he stayed." gosh people interperated this soooo wrong

Alexis "Hey Escavon, details."

Gezz "It wasnt like that. Do you know ive gotten like three other messages like this :P"

Then i heard a creek. I was afraid to turn around, but I did. I let out a whoosh of air. It was only Cayton.

"You scared me!" i said

"Sorry you didnt answer the door so i was worried and came in."

"Im glad sometimes for that creaky step."

"Haha. So what smell so good?"



"Well lets go eat them."

We got down stairs and devoured the waffles. I guess we didnt notice how hungry we were. I cleaned the table and put the dishes in the sink. Then we went to the living room to figure out what to do.

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