Chapter 6

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(Tuesday Morning)

"Roxy! Roxy! Want to go for a walk?" Danielle shouted out while walking through the kitchen with a leash in her hands. It had been three months since Niall had surprised Danielle with Roxy, and since then, she and Niall had finally fell into a routine with the newest addition into their family. The first couple of weeks had been rough with potty-training, but Roxy soon caught on and was able to "wait" until someone could take her out. The day she went potty outside was the happiest Danielle had ever seen Niall in her life.

Roxy ran over to Danielle's feet, and began to bounce around and lick her ankles. Reaching down to put the leash on, Danielle felt her phone in pocket begin to vibrate. She pulled her phone out to view the caller. It was Niall.

"Hey, sweetpea! How're my girls doing?" Niall asked.

"Good, love. We're just about to head out for a quick walk. Roxy has been so patient all morning, and hasn't had an accident yet!" Danielle bragged. 'Man, I sound like a mom already', she thought. She had to admit, she did love the idea of having someone to care for. Yet, there were still days where she felt sorry for her situation. A puppy was great, but it would never take the place of the joy of bringing a child into the world.

"Oh, I'm so proud of Roxy! Can you put the phone up to her ear?" Niall asked. Danielle laughed and followed his command. She couldn't help but laugh at how quickly Niall fell into the role of being a father, even if it was only to a puppy. 'Oh Nialler', she thought to herself.

"Well, anyways love, I'm just calling to see what you've got planned for Thursday night? I'll be home at 4, and I thought maybe you and I could head over to Harry and Amanda's for a meal? Harry texted me saying he'd love to have us and the guys over, and before answering, I thought I'd run it by you..." Niall said.

"Yeah! That sounds great. I haven't seen Manda all week, so it'll be good to catch up with her and see the little ones too. Tell him that should be fine. Oh, Roxy! Sit!" Danielle began to yell. "Sorry Ni, I've got to go. Roxy's about to poop on the Jensen's lawn."

"Oh God, not the Jensen's. Stop her before she does!" Niall said in a serious tone. Danielle and Niall had gotten yelled at by their elderly neighbors twice already for Roxy's 'presents,' so they were careful to keep her from leaving anymore.

"I got to go. Roxy, no! Ok, babe. Talk to you later. Love you. Bye!" Danielle said, hanging up the call. She caught up to Roxy before she could do anything, and walked off down the block.

(Tuesday Morning)

"Babe, where's Landon's blue shirt?" Harry asked loudly, in an attempt to get Amanda to hear him over the running bath. It was Saturday morning, which in the Styles household, was "time to scrub the kids clean" day. He was in Landon's room attempting to get the newly-cleaned little boy dressed, while Amanda was still in the bathroom scrubbing Brooklyn's dirty body. Harry lost track of Landon in the process of searching for the shirt, and noticed that he had run out of the room.

"Landon!" Harry yelled out.

After a few minutes of not hearing any reply from Amanda, Harry heard a little voice call out from the bathroom.

"Daddy! Mommy is sick!" Landon called out.

"Mommy sick! Mommy sick!" Brooklyn chanted.

'Mommy sick?' Harry thought. 'What could mommy be sick with?'

Harry walked out of Landon's room and made his way into the bathroom. Upon entering, Harry found Amanda folded over the toilet and vomiting.

"Babe!" Harry said running over to Amanda's side. He pulled her hair back, and rubbed her back while she purged.

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