Chapter 9

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Siti came out and she had her head down, ''well?'' i ask her. she looks up at me in a glare ''you've severely pissed her off!'' she says. ''she's not going to speak to you for a while, the longest she's ever ignored me was 15 days,that's half a month just to let you know'' she turned on her heel to Thor. he had a smug smile. ''come, let us enjoy more of the grounds.'' he says ''Wait!'' i call. ''Who is she? and how do you know her.''

siti turned and rolled my eyes. ''Aorabelle is my cousin,my older cousin, she's sweet and caring and fierce she's a fighter. and she's smart and kind.'' siti said. then she flushed. ''i know what you did to her,'' she said in a low voice. she turned again and didn't look back. i shook off her futile feisty ness and opened my door to my room.

Aorabelle sat on the floor staring at nothing. i cleared my throat to make my presence known. she didn't even flinch. i cleared my throat, more loudly this time. she slowly turned her head to me. and cleared her throat in a mocking matter. So this little thing had an obnoxious side did she? she stared at me.i stared back at her. round face. rosy cheeks that were flushed in anger, petite yet curvy little figure. ''why are you being so complicated?'' i ask her. she folds her arms, and doesn't say anything, ''No answer?'' ~

I stared blankly at him. not saying a word, even though there were more than a million things i wanted to say. but i didn't i blinked and turned my head not wanting to look at him. ''So. Siti, she's your little cousin huh?'' he asks, i stiffen, then slowly turn my head back. he was trying to get a rise out of me. i know he was, i ignored him completely, i just looked at him. ''She told me you were a fighter. it's in your nature, is that why you've been fighting me?'' he says. ''well at least now i know how to make you obey.'' he was dragging this all out. i didn't fully understand what he meant. ''Suppose you were to try and run away, not that you'd really go anywhere. all i have to do is wrap a little rope around your dear cousin's neck and,-'' ''you wouldn't dare touch her!'' i shout. he smiled he Cheshire smile.

''There she is. our little champion.'' he walks over and grabs my chin, ''And you're going to stop me?'' he asks. i hissed. ''get your hands off me!'' i try to pry his hand away. ''it was all too easy for the warriors to find you y'know, Volstagg spotted that mother of yours in her book store, Hogun and Fandral were able to pinpoint where you lived as soon as you opened that book. it's your fault you're here.'' i kicked him from my place. that resulted in my hair being pulled. ''don't you understand?'' i asked him.

''That doesn't hurt me!'' he wraps his arms around me. crushing me. ''why have you not learned your place?'' i suddenly felt i sickening feeling at the pit of my stomach. i had just been kneed right in my abdomen, too. i fell to the floor and gasped for breath, ''you you-''' i was searching for words to say. ''why me. why?'' i gasped, breathing became a little difficult, i could have had internal bleeding and he wouldn't give a damn. ''you'll just have to do.'' he says in a bored tone, ''Although i know what you father could have found someone that actually suits my taste, Beautiful, smarter, obedient.'' for once,his words felt like an icy blanket, that seriously hurt. '' *gasp* go.'' he shakes his head.

''I've already ruined you. deflowered.'' he puts a boot at my side and presses it into a curve. ''I've already taken you.'' i stayed still. this pain i felt both emotionally and physically burdened me. ''You'll never see your friends or that mother of yours again, you are to stay here.they don't know where you are and they never will.'' i let most of it sink in. ''you're horrible.'' i dry sob. he kicks me one good time. ''i know.'' he says before walking off. i could hear the smile in his voice.

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