I woke up next to a heavy arm choking me. I gasped for air and tried getting Ashers arm out of the way. He didn't even wake up. After a few seconds I got out and decided to go make breakfast. Since Asher made my favorites last night I will make his this morning.

I walked into the kitchen to see my dad at the table reading a newspaper

"What are you doing here?" I asked surprised.

"This is my home. Where else would I be?" He questioned setting the newspaper down.

"Work." I answered. I walk over and got out things to make French toast.

"Well it ended early. The guy couldn't make the meeting this afternoon. So everyone went home." He explained.

"You hungry dad?"

"A coffee please." After 20 minutes of cooking and small talk with my dad Asher stumbled in. He was shirtless. You could tell he just woken.

"What are you making?" He mumbled scratching his head. I looked to my dad who was staring at shirtless Asher.

"I'm going to assume you slept on her bedroom floor." My dad said.

"Ya, he did and always does." I lied. Asher then walked over to the table and sat across from my dad. I set the French toast and syrup in his plate and mine.

"Thanks babe " He then shoved the food into his mouth while we ate in silence. My dad eventually left when we finished. I picked up the plates and took them to the sink to wash them.

"Let me do that." Asher offered. He took them and walked over to the sink where he began washing them.

"You wash I dry." He nodded and past the first plate.

"So that was awkward." I said.

"Ya I guess. For some reason I have a killer head ache."

"You want some advil?" I asked.

"Sure." I dried my hands and got some advil from the cupboard.

"Here, just go to my room and I will be there." I then pushed him light. He headed to my room while I finished washing the cups.

I walked in to my room wish Asher laying on my bed.

"You feeling better?"

"Not really. I think I'm gonna for home."

"Let me drive you though. You can pick up your car tomorrow or something." I volunteered. If Asher wasnt feeling good I didn't want him driving alone. What if he got sicker and couldn't drive.

"Fine." I grabbed the keys to my car and I took him home. The whole way home he slept. I was hoping he would get better soon. When we got to his house I had to help him out of the car.

"Asher this isn't normal." I began to get worried. I have never seen Asher this sick. He was bearly able to walk to the front door. We stopped every few feet for him to breath.

"I'm just sick. Don't worry about it." He told me.

"Don't worry? Asher you can't even walk." Luckily his front door was open. Asher was getting heavier and heavier each step up the stairs. When I finally reached his room he crashed onto his bed.

Since he was sleeping I decided to clean his room. It was pretty messy. Boxers and dirty socks and shirts everywhere. I picked it all up and put it in his hamper. After picking up some old food from under the bed I went down stairs. His parents were at work already so they weren't here.

I went and got some chicken noodles soup from the pantry. I opened it and poured it into a bowl and stuck it in the microwave. While waiting for it I began to think. Today was not going at all as planned. Dad showed up and Ashers sick so we can't really do anything tonight. We can but not what I wanted to do. The soup was done and I took it to Ashers room and set it on his night stand.

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