"She had a panic attack." She said.

"Really?"She nodded.The doctor walked in and looked at us all.

"Are you Brittany's guardians?" He asked.Finn and Melissa nodded."Okay well Brittany is in a coma but is expected to come out of it within the next forty eight hours."The doctor said.I put my head in my hands.I cant believe she is in a coma.I miss her smile,her voice,just everything about her.I hope she gets out of it soon.

"Where's Tabby and Elizabeth?" Melissa Brittany's mom asked.I looked up at her.

"I don't know." I said.

"Well you need to call them now.Let them know where we are and why." She said i nodded and stood up.I walked out of the hospital room and into the hall.I leaned against the cold wall of the hospital and pulled out my phone.I started to call Tabby.It rang three times before she answered it.

"Hello?" She asked.

"Hey you guys need to get to the hospital like now."


"Brittany's in a coma."


"JUST HURRY UP AND GET HERE!" I said before hanging up the phone and started to call Elizabeth.


"Hey you guys need to get to the hospital now.Brittany is in a coma."


"JUST GET TO THE DAMN HOSPITAL!" I yelled into the phone before hanging up.I walked back into the hospital room and sat back in my chair next to Brittany.I grabbed her hand and just watched her.

****Two hours later****

"WHERE IS SHE?" I herd someone scream.I shot my head up when i herd the door swing open and make a loud crashing noise.I saw Tabby and Elizabeth running in and straight up to the bed.They both were in tears."What's wrong with her?" Tabby asked tears still streaming down her face.

"She is in a coma but is expected to come out of it within the next forty eight hours." I said. They both nodded and then continued to stare at Brittany."Hey where's Louis and Niall?" I asked remembering that the girls were with them.

"They took the elevator we ran up the stairs." Elizabeth said.I looked at them confused.

"Why didn't you just take the elevator too?"I said.

"Because this is our best friend and we love her!" Tabby said.

"Alrighty then." I said and just sat back in my chair.They nodded and pulled up chairs next to the bed on my side.About five minutes later Niall and Louis walked in and looked at Brittany with sad but questioning looks.

"What happened?" Niall said just barley loud enough for us to hear him.

"She is in a coma." Elizabeth said.Niall and Louis nodded and pulled up chairs.Louis pulled his next to Tabby and Niall Pulled his next to Elizabeth.

"We are going to get something to eat.Do you guys want anything?" Finn asked standing up Melissa stood up too.We all nodded and then they walked out of the room.

"So does the rest of the boys know?" Louis asked.

"No,can you call them and let them know?" I asked and Louis nodded.He pulled out his phone and started to call everyone."Tabby,can you call and let Dominick know?" She nodded and pulled out her phone.

****About an hour later****

Everyone else came into the room.Including Finn and Melissa.Taylor was sitting across from me next to Brittany and he kept on giving me these weird looks.Jalysa and Finn were trying to calm Melissa down.Tabby and Elizabeth were surprisingly quiet and haven't said anything since the phone calls,they seemed dead without Brittany it's like they needed each other to keep going.It was weird.The weirdest thing is neither of them ate there food.They were just sitting in there chairs and starring at Brittany.Niall,Louis and Zayn were sleeping in there chairs.Liam and Dominick were sitting there just starring around the room checking there phones occasionally.Janna was sitting next to Taylor and just starring at her sister.I feel so bad for her.The doctor walked in and over to Brittany,he checked everything on her and wrote stuff down before turning to all of us.

"Okay visiting hours are over and i'm sorry to say but only two people are allowed to stay in the room with her."I shot out of my chair.

"I'm staying!" I said feeling very Territorial.

"Okay who else?"

"I will." Taylor said.My head shot in his direction.I'm gonna die.Everyone nodded except for Tabby and Elizabeth they just stayed in there chairs.

"Tabby Elizabeth we have to go we will come back as soon as we can." Finn said.

"I'm not moving!" Tabby said.

"Me either!" Elizabeth said.Louis and Niall looked at each other and then back at the girls.They smiled and walked over to them.Niall picked Elizabeth up and threw her over his shoulder.Louis did the same with Tabby.They both screamed things like'rape'or'fuck you' they are very violent people.But soon after everyone was out of the room except for me,Brittany and Taylor.

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