I Wake up to Ash singing happy birthday. I sit up and see him holding a cupcake with a candle.

" Aw thanks so much." I say and peak him on the lips.

" So for your eighteenth birthday we have a list of events starting with what do you want to do today."

I laugh and he joins me. I kiss him agin and tell him I love him.

" Why don't we just take a walk in the mall and see if there's anything there." I say

" Okay anything for you, my love." I satand up and take a shower and get ready. I slip on a white summer dress and black flip flops. I grab my bag and meet ash down stairs.

" Were going out mom!" Ash calls out.

" Okay. drive safe." she calls back.

Ash lasses his fingers in mine and we walk to his car. We get in and he grabs my hand again and holds it the whole way.

We arrive at the mall and walk around hand in hand. We stop at a smoothie place and get smoothies. We then walk by a piercing place and I stop.

" Do you want a pericing?" Ash asks. I nod my head.

" Where?" He asks. I point to the to of my ear and say, " My cartilage pierced."

" Okay. Lets go." We walk in the store and the guy greets us. He cute and a flirt. He keeps smiling and winking at me.

" Hi how may I help you today?" He asks

" Well, my girlfriend here would like her cartilage pierced." Ash say emphasizing the girlfriend part. The guy eyed Ash and then he said, " Okay if you will follow me over here" he says walking over to a chair." I sit down and Ash stands next to me.

" So my name is Austin and you are?" He asks

" Beth, and this is Ash." i say as I shake his hand and gesture towards Ash. He grabs his hand and shakes it to. Austin pulls out different types of earrings for me to select and I pick out a black ring with a blue ball to be put on.

" Okay so there's gonna be a small pain" He says. Ash grabs my hand and tells me to squeeze it if that helps. Austin gets everything ready and he quickly pierces my ear I hold Ash's hand at the small pain but its over soon.

" Okay all done" Austin says. And he smiles at me. " wasnt that bad now was it." Austin says.

"Yeah. Thanks." I say. He smiles at me and hands me a mirror. I look at it and it looks awesome.

" Thanks so much" I tell Ash

" No problem babe " he says and I give him a quick peak on the lips. I get up and Ash pays. We leave the store and just start walking around again.

" I don't like the way he was flirting with you, its like he completely ignored I was there." Ash tells me.

" It's okay, I love you. Didn't you see how I ignored his flirts."

" Yeah. Thanks I love you too." He says

By the end of the day I ended up with a necklace that Ash picked out and pomise ring.

We head back to his house around eight and inside theres a birthday cake.

" When did you do this?" I ask

" I had my mom do it. She loves doing this kind of thing so she was glad to."

I look a the blue icing that says, Happy eighteenth birthday Beth , in cursive. With the two candles, a 1 and a 8 next to each other. Ash lights the candles and his parents join us. We celebrate and each have a slice.

" So would you like to go on a first date with me?" Ash asks

" I would love too." I smile up at him.

" Great be ready by 9:30" He says

I go upstairs and remember none of my cloths are here. i look for Mrs.Smith and find her and tell her my problem.

" Oh I have many dresses that you can use and shoes." She says

" Are you sure?" I ask not wanting to be a burden.

" Of course I am sweetie. Come follow me." And she leads me to her room where I pick out a Dark blue dress an black heels.

" Thank you so much" I say and give her a hug.

" Its no problem dearie." She says. I love the way she talks its so sweet and happy.

I go take a shower and get ready. I'm done by 9:27 and I head down the stairs where Ash is waiting by the door.

" You look beautiful." He says

" Thank you, you look handsome yourself" I say. He looks Hot in a button up shirt.

" Why thank you. are you ready?" He asks. I nod my head and we walk out the door. We get into his car and head to where ever hes taking me.

In less than a half hour were pulled up to a small restaurant. I smile at him and we go inside holding hands. The waiter brings us to a small table close to the back.


The dinner was nice and through out we talked. And after words we went back to his house and watched a movie. i feel asleep half way through the movie with my head on Ash's chest, where it felt right.


Thanks for reading! i think only two chapters are left.




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