Rydel's POV:

"Just sit back and relax." Three ladies who were doing our nails and facials. They stood up to get nail polish (I was getting White with Pink hearts on it.)

"This is nice." I heard Harmony say quietly. She had seemed really quiet since yesterday when Ross had asked her out.

"Okay, what's up with you? You seem so distant." I sat up, taking the cucumber off my eyes.

Harmony sighed and grabbed her coat. She rolled it up and showed terrible scars that were all over her arms. I was mortified.

"What is this?!?!" Jade exclaimed, getting a look at Harmony's arms.

"My last boyfriend..." She explained, a tear rolling down her cheek. "He beat me. And made me think that all men are like that."

"So that's why you were skeptyical about dating Ross!" I was putting the pieces together in my head.

"Yeah." She looked down, ashamed.

"Girl, " I stood up, "I'm always going to be here for you. Ive spent the last week getting to know you. You are a amazing girl and Ross isn't like that. he wouldn't lay a finger on you negativly."

"I know.. It's just really hard..." She admitted, "To love anybody when youve had a experience like this."

"Were here for you." Jade smiled, conforting.

"Yeah. Totally. Anything you need?" I asked, looking Harmony straight in the eyes.

"Don't tell Ross."

Harmony's POV:

It was 2am. I was probably the only one up in the household. My eyes crept open and I looked around, making sure that Rydel and Jade were asleep. They were so I threw off the blankets and unsupervised the sleeping bag as I made my way to the door, the floor ceremony with each step. I opened the front door and stepped out, closing it behind me.

The cool breeze blew through my dark brown hair and my eyes were fixed on the side walk ahead of me. I just wanted to get out there. I needed a minute to myself, a moment tl think about Ross, and my past boyfriends: how each hurt me in may ways. Then I thought about my singing career. Next week I would meet the girls of the new band and to tell you the truth I was nervous. Meeting new people was always nerve wrecking to me.

After a hour or so, I turned around and headed back to the house. It was 3 now: the sky was still dark and a cool breeze still rustled my clothes and hair. I walked down the sidewalk, admiring the city at night. It truly was beautiful here. Maybe I would stay....maybe.

Riker's POV:

"Door's open!" Jade yelled as Ross, Rocky, Rydel, and Inocked on her bright yellow front door. I slowly turned the knob and came in, nodding to myself. The first thing I saw; a sleeping Harmony on the couch all curled up in a ball, all snug in her bright pink fuzzy blanket.

"Um...?" I pointed at Harmony as soon as I saw my lovelly girlfriend.

"Don't ask," She commented as she kissed my cheek.

Rydel elbowed Rose's ribs. "Go wake your girlfriend up gently. Trust me, girls love that."

He shrugged. "Sure?" He came over and nudged me. "Hey. You gotta wake-" he didn't have time to say anything more before A pillow was thrown at him by Harmony. We all broke out in laughter.

"You guys are mean." Ross whined.



~Nicole xx

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