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Turns out they were laughing, Liam was laughing so hard he had to clench his fist, why are they laughing? Oh well I guess I will never know.


 “Umm, Louis? Liam?” they both looked and me and I smiled, how I loved these boys.


 “Yes, Ronald? Are you coming to cuddle?” I just looked at Louis and shook my head, mumbling that he needs to get ready, but when I turn to leave the room I run into Zayn.


 “Don’t go, stay and cuddle with me!” Zayn gave me the puppy dog eyes, I just shook my head and walked downstairs, wondering where Harry was and what Niall was eating, turns out Harry was out and Niall was eating a sandwich, he also had my phone, probably texting Reise as Kale, Kale is my best friend I go there sometimes and we work at the same place, Niall has been asking to meet Reise since day one, but we didn’t know if it was safe.


 She is a big fan of 1D, that’s why it wasn’t telling her, mostly, I also wanted a friend that liked me for me, not because I knew the boys. Reise has a tough time at home; she doesn’t talk to her mom and doesn’t even know her dad, and the only person she really talks to is her brother who she only talks to once a month if she is lucky, yah hearing that makes my big problems sound like nothing.


 “Niall do you want to meet Reise?” he jumped up and smiled and nodded all at the same time, yay for multitasking! “Okay, then here’s the deal, we are going to make thing interesting.” As I speak Louis and Zayn walk down.


 “What are we doing?” Louis asked, I instantly replied.


 “We are meeting Reise!” Niall squeaked. We all laughed at this boy.


 “Okay, we are going to act like you don’t know me, Follow me on twitter and then Niall will DM me, telling me that we should meet and then I give him ‘my number’ and he calls and tells me the address that I will pretend not to know, I will have to pretend to like one of you, and Reise’s favorite is Louis, so Lou be flirty!” I had to take a breath, talking that much is kind of hard.


 “Okay but Ronnie, who do you ‘like’ the most?” well this is difficult, thanks Louis for the question.


 “Ummm… Reise thinks I like Zayn or Liam the best sooo…” I started getting quiet near the end.


 “RONALD, you should pretend not to like Liam, because Zayn wouldn’t ever do that. Oh and he should try to kiss you but you reject him!” for Louis that was a good idea, and he doesn’t have many.


 “Alright and then we could watch a movie and then I’ll tell her that we have known each other for a while now!” I was getting really excited


 “Okay, I’ll tell Liam the plan and how to act, then we should be good.” Zayn spoke while I was looking at the door, I don’t know why I was in a daze imagining what it would be like if Liam liked me.

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