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Pic: Noah Hughes

~Stephan's POV~

"Marry me."

The look of surprise that takes over Noah's features lets me know that of all the possibilities of what he thought I might say, this was not one of them. I can't say I blame him. Of all my objectives for tonight, asking the boy I love to adopt a child, his child, with me and marry me were not on my list.

Yet, I know that I wouldn't change any of it.

I knew as soon as I saw Jo coming down the hall, her face so pale and her eyes full of fear that something was wrong. When she asked to speak to Noah in private and I saw her hands kept fluttering to her stomach unconsciously, as if to protect it, I knew what was going on. It didn't take a genius to understand that she was pregnant, one merely had to look closely.

My mind had begun to spin as soon as I realised the news. I knew that I would not lose Noah over something that was in the past. The whole point of Kyle letting Noah go was so that we could move forward, not get dragged back. Not that this was something we could just ignore. If it was just Jo being jealous over not getting her crush, yes, we could pretend that didn't exist. But a baby?

A baby couldn't be ignored.

And I have no doubt Jo is pregnant.

So, what are you going to do about it? my mind asked me as I had watched Noah and Jo talk about the baby. It hit me in an instant what I had to do. Not because Jo was pregnant or Noah had asked to keep the baby himself, no, my decision came from a memory three long months ago.

A teenage boy stepping out of Isaac's car had invaded my mind. A grin on his face showed the cute dimple he had on his right cheek and his dark cocoa hair swayed gently in the spring breeze. He was looking off to the side where my brother was getting out of his car, but then he turned to the garage, where I was standing, and looked directly at me.

Deep dark brown eyes looked into my hazel green ones and I swear he was looking into my soul. Something inside me snapped and was replaced by an ache to hold him, to kiss him, to get to know him. It was a feeling I had never had before, for anyone.

It surprised me that a mere high schooler, only eighteen years old, could affect me like that. Then I looked over at my brother and I remembered who exactly I was looking at. My baby brother's best friend, my baby brother's straight best friend. I tried to reel in my emotions and act indifferent because of that knowledge, but that didn't stop the yearning inside me to have Noah.

So it came as no surprise when my mind went straight to marriage - and a family.

I didn't let my emotions show, however, as I left to get our brothers and tell them what was happening. This was something that needed to be dealt with when we were alone. As soon as I got back with Justin and Isaac I could see the doubt clouding Noah's eyes as he gave me a glance. Still, I showed nothing.

When everyone had left and it was just the two of us, the way he had looked down at his feet and seemed like a shy wallflower made me want to crush him to me and kiss his insecurities away. Instead, I muttered something about needing fresh air and walked away. His disappointment was palpable, that is until I asked him if he was coming.

No way was I leaving without him.

That had brought us here, outside, to a stone bench off to the side of the hotel on a warm spring night. Noah had sat on the bench in a slouching position, like a puppy who has been reprimanded, his arms in his lap, making the arms of his suit ride up exposing his wrists. He wouldn't even look at me until I asked about that day from my memory.

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