Chapter 1 of: Criss Crossed(Harry Styles/Justin Bieber fan fiction)

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*Kelsey's POV*

I sat on the trains old rugged seats, and pulled out my Blackberry to see if there were any new messages. The red light was flashing, so I unlocked my phone and opened up the message. It was from my best friend Hanna.

"Kels, plz meet me back at the house ASAP." What could that possibly mean? Did she want me to make her dinner again because she was too lazy? Well, whatever it was she wanted it done fast so I texted back saying;"On the train, be there soon." Living with your best friend was fun...most of the time. The only downside is if your friend is lazy. Which happens to be my case.

The train halted to a stop, pushing me off my seat the slightset bit. I stood up to get off at my stop but as the door opened and I looked back to check if I forgot anything, I felt  someone bump me from behind  and I landed facefirst onto the concrete train station floor. Trailing behind me, I heard a voice saying

"Are you okay?" And within a few seconds I felt two hands grabbing my arms hoisting me off the dirty floor.

I patted down my skirt and straightened out my jacket and hair and looked up and said "Yeah, I'm fine, just on my way home now". As I turned to leave the Stratford train station, I recongnized the voice and swivelled back around to face the person who helped me.

"A-are you Justin Bieber?" I sputtered.

"Yeah, I am..." he said cautiously, as if not to bring screaming fans to his attention.

"Where you headed?" I looked back at him, startled he was actually talking to me.

"I, uh, I'm headed toward Mitchelson Road. And I kinda need to get there as fast as I can". He turned his head around looking in every direction and then looked back at me. A smile grew across his face and he said,

"Here, I'm headed that way too, let me walk you home". I opened my mouth to protest because I know my way around, but he already grabbed my arm and started to lead the way.

Snowflakes landed on my eyelashed as we walked along the icy sidewalks. Every once in a while I would tilt my head up to catch a glimpse of his face. It was just so...perfect. Not one blemish on it. Honestly, I know why girls are so obsessed with him now. He IS flawless. Suddenly he stopped and turned to look me in the eyes. I turned my head to the right because I thought it was awkward to be this close after JUST meeting him. He pulled one hand out of his pocket and put a finger to my chin then drew a line across my jaw and then just stopped.

"How much further until your place?" he asked cheekily. I smiled and backed away from him a bit. The snow crunching under my boot. I could see his breath because of how frosty and cold it was out.

"About 5 more minutes from here, shouldn't take too long". I responded. He just nodded and started to walk.

"So, how is the neighbourhood you live in? Any nice neighbours?" he asked, sounding monitone. Quite an odd question to ask someone, especially someone you don't even know.

"Well ,its a very quaint and quiet neighbourhood. I don't mind it at all actually. But I'm leaving to visit London soon, so I don't think I'll come back being pleased to live in the neighbourhood" He just looked forward and nodded. I decided to continue, getting the impression he didn't care or he wanted to know more.

"My one neighbour is nice and we talk quite often actually.. but my other neighbour never comes outside, its kind of scary to be honest. I've never met him... or her, I don't know what or who they are, never seen them". Justin's eyes wandered. I wonder if I said too much,  or if he was just processing it all.

"Is this your street?" he asked. I jumped a little bit, completely oblivious to where we were.

"Uh ya, this is it, are you going to go to your house now?"

"You'll see". He said, and my heart stopped. Was this...Justin BIEBER's street?

*Justin's POV*

I just want to get off this train, I thought to myself. I need to get home and see my Mom, I haven't seen her all day because of work. I swallowed and my throat burned. I need to take it easy in the recording studio, don't want to get the same sickness I had 5 days before my show at the Madison Square Garden. Leaning back slightly into my seat, someone caught my eye. A young girl with auburn red hair. Her long curls flowed down her back and I couldn't help but stare. I needed to get her attention...somehow.

The train screeched and came to a stop, letting off passengers that needed to get off. I saw the girl stand up and start towards the door. I got up and carried myself over to where she was, eventually being right behind her. I went to go tap her on the shoulder, but at that moment someone from behind me pushed me and I accidentally caused her to fall onto the ground.

I felt bad for doing this to her, and making the WORST first impression, so after apologizing I offered to take her home. I mean, what kind of guy would I be if I didn't do that?

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