Chapter 2: Officially Meeting Amaimon and Trouble

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***Kokoro's POV***

"Alright, first question." my mother ordered calmly, an impish grin covering her face. I stared at her unaffected.
"You seem to be slipping, your control I mean." I stated quietly. She laughed to this and sat down across from me.
"Nope, I was originally like this." her smile still remaining. It sent silent shivers down my spine. Kobold, who sat in my lap, flipped over onto his back as I scratched his belly softly as if he was a dog or cat.
"Fine. What are you?" I asked. Shinda nodded her head and stared at my kindly, the way she always has.
"I'm a demon. The same level as the demon you ran into earlier. Amaimon." I watched as she shifted deeper into her chair, trying to get comfortable.
"So Amaimon's your brother." I concluded. My mother looked at me, a hint of fear in her eyes. I raised an eyebrow at her and glanced down at Kobold who was now asleep, not sensing any danger apparently.
"Sure you could say that." she replied, uneasily at that.
"So he's dad's brother?" I asked.
"Yes. I'm directly related to your papa..." I heard from behind me. Jumping up in alarm, Kobold hopped off my lap and landed on the back of my chair to growl at the voice that appeared behind me. Popping to me feet, I crawled onto my chair and peered down to see Amaimon leaning against the chair in his crouched position.
"Oh dear oh dear~! I failed you Young Mistress! Yes I have! You must kill me~! I failed you!!!!" Kobold cried, falling backwards onto the chair. I glanced back down at him.
"Hush now. I don't care if he's here or not. I want to ask him a few questions as well." I told him as I turned back to the King of Earth.
"You are quite interesting... That is why I allow you in the forests... You are entertaining...." the demon stated, looking up at me, though not moving the rest of his body.
"Glad of you to join us, little brat." my mother sneered angrily. At her voice, Amaimon released himself and turned to face over the chair, only his eyes and his funny green hair-spike.
"Hi, Onee-Chan~." he said in a tired tone. Though his eyes showed fear and worry.
"Heh, brat." was all she replied with. I blinked in confusion.
"Join us, Uncle." I stated calmly. The demon turned to me and blinked once before standing and flipping over the couch to land on the cushion next to me, almost landing on Kobold in the process. Thankfully, Amaimon was in the air long enough for me to notice where he was going to land. Grabbing Kobold by the arm, I pulled him back into my lap, where he laid in shock for several long seconds.
"Young Mistress saved me~! She saved me from King Amaimon~! I am forever in your debt, Mistress~! In this life and the next~!" he cried happily, nuzzling back into my neck.
"He talks... How interesting... Not even Behemoth speaks." Amaimon said in his expressionless manor, although I saw that he was watching Kobold carefully, amusement and curiosity filling his eyes.
"Alright, next." my mother ordered in a strained voice as she forced a smile for Amaimon.
"Why do you not like Uncle Amaimon?" I asked slowly. Both the demons turned to me and smirked instantaneously.
"She failed at killing me," and "I failed to kill him." was all I heard.
"Long pasts happen to be a lot like theirs Mistress..." Kobold stated quietly into my ear. I nodded.
"Why would you need to kill him?" I asked my mother. She sniffed and turned up her nose.
"Because... he's a pain to deal with, always picking on me and your father when we were together. And because I wanted him dead!" she yelled, springing to her feet and pointing at the man who was currently hugging my arm, as if I would protect him.
"You still want to kill me..." he pressed unnecessarily. I chopped his head and silenced him immediately. He looked at me with an annoyed expression, though his eyes showed that he was grateful I stopped him from continuing and possibly getting hurt. Staring at me in the eye, he started leaning in closer and finally went 'poof' just as his lips about touched mine after my mom screeched loudly. Looking down, I saw that Amaimon turned into a green(ish) colored hamster.

(So CUTE~!~!~!~!~!) - - - - - And Smexy......~!

"Not that I care or anything... but what were you really going to do?" I asked as he crawled up to my shoulder and scratched his ears in a cute fashion.
"I was trying to give your mother a heart attack... You didn't actually think I'd kiss you did you?" He asked, sitting closer to my neck to hold onto the collar of my dress.
"I knew you weren't going to... And by the looks of it, my mother's spirit is escaping..." I mumbled calmly as i watched my mother's soul or whatever leave her white body as she lay half on the couch, half on the floor. Amaimon nodded his head and gave a simple 'ha' before hopping onto the table and sitting next to my mom on the couch across from me.
"Mistress... Why don't you go pack like Lady Shinda said to earlier?" Kobold suggested as he staggered tiredly off my lap. I watched him.
"Yes... go do that." my mother said, straightening my kimono as she sat up. I turned to her and bit my lip to keep from laughing. "Where's Amaimon? Did that little brat take a kiss?!" she asked as she started to search for the demon that was currently perched atop her head.
"You're looking in all the wrong places, Mother. I doubt you'll find him... Come along, Kobold. See you around, Uncle." I said avoiding his gaze so my mother couldn't kill him before she saw what he did to her face. (Almost like a Jigglypuff makeover after you fall asleep while it sings... LOLZ).
"Wait~! Help me find him~! If he's still here I'll-!!!!!!!" she stopped as she turned to a mirror and gaped in horror. "AMAIMON!!!!! You little imp!!!!!!!!" she screamed as he jumped off her head and turned back into his human form before jumping out a window.
"Bye Onee-Chan~!" he yipped from outside, his face stoic yet his voice and eyes both filled with amusement and happiness. Shaking my head, I headed up the stairs as my mother ran about the house looking for something to wash her face with. It would really only take me a few minutes to pack what I absolutely needed, and with Kobold's help, I finished in less time than I thought possible.
"Thank you, Kobold..." I stated, patting his head calmly. He hopped up and down on my bed in joy. I noticed he had a lively personality, compared to me anyhow.
"Anytime Mistress~! I'm you're servant, I only serve you~! Lady Kokoro~~!! Lady Kokoro~~!!" he sang, chanting my name as if I was a god to him. A small sigh escaped my lips as I fell back on the bed next to him, slightly exhausted. The Hobgoblin stopped bouncing immediately and curled up in a ball next to me, falling asleep quicker than you could say 'Demon.'
"Good night, Kobold..." after the words slipped from my mouth, I let myself fall into darkness.

***Amaimon's POV***

'My precious niece is all grown up now.... It's too bad only I can know of her... Shinda-Chan gave me 30 pounds of candy not to tell brother that Kokoro-Chan was ever born.' I wanted badly to tell my older brother of his growing child, but I couldn't. It may not be written, but a deal with Shinda will kill you if you break it off.
"So~ not fun~..." I mumbled as I hung upside down from a tree closer to True Cross Academy, the place where brother worked as the Headmaster.
'I want big brother to know~!' I shouted mentally, flipping from the tree to land on my feet back on the ground.
"Nay, nay, Onee-Chan... Why won't you tell Mephisto?" I asked myself, staring up at the sky.
"Tell me what~?" a flamboyant voice asked, suddenly appearing behind me. Though I didn't show it, I was still surprised.
"Oh Big Brother... uh..." I couldn't find anything to cover this one. Because he knows practically everything.

"Well?" he asked, pressuring me.
"...uh.........ah...... hm...... I forgot...." and with that, I turned and ran off, hoping he wouldn't catch me. Unfortunately, he stood behind me as I turned to run and I crashed into him.
"You're hiding something from me, Little Brother~." he stated in his happy yet 'everyone knows he has to be mad' voice.
"No I'm not! I'm not telling you that Shinda is in Chuchi's Forest!" I shouted, breaking my stoic composure as I tried to release myself from his grip. He glanced down at me and smirked sinisterly. His green eyes flashing sadistically.
"Oh~? So that's where she's been hiding~? Well, we better go see her then~!" he cheered happily, letting go of my shirt as he spun around in a circle.
"Wait?! We?! Uh.... I just visited her earlier, I don't want to be a bother..." I said, now trying to take his hand off my wrist as he dragged me along.
"Huh~?! You went without me~?" he cried, faking unhappiness. I sighed.
'The second she sees me, she'll not only kill me, she'll rip me to pieces and torture me, killing me so slowly I'll wish I never knew about Kokoro....' I thought morbidly to myself as I finally allowed my brother to pull through a portal he opened to get to Chuchi's Forest quicker. The second I stepped through, I had a frying pan to my head, causing me to slam face first into the ground at my feet.
"Oh~! Hello~, Shinda-Chan~~~~~~~~~!" Brother sang happily as he let go of my wrist and danced over to Shinda only to get punched in the face and come flying back to land back near me. I looked up at her, the marker I had drawn on her face now gone and replaced with tears and anger-marks. I shivered.
"Why?! I thought we had a deal, Amaimon!!!!!!! Why would you tell him?!?!?!?!?!?!" she screeched angrily, pulling me to my feet by my ear.
"Owwww~.... I didn't actually tell him.... I only told him where you were.... I didn't know he was behind me when I asked myself why you wouldn't tell him....... OW~!" I yelled as she pulled my ear down, making me fall back down. The second I was on the ground, she stomped, hard, on my chest, making me cough and gasp for air.
"Oh me oh my~! How violent you've become~!" Mephisto cried, without a care in the world, may I add. I groaned in pain and looked up at a window where a light suddenly flickered on.
'Uh oh...' I thought as Kokoro-Chan's head appeared in the window, her talking Hobgoblin perched on her shoulder. The second her eyes caught sight of me, I saw her eyes widen to the sized of sprinkled donuts, something I'm sure doesn't happen often at all. In less than a second later, she disappeared again and I glanced back to Shinda who was still holding me down.
"Shi-shinda... Koko-Chan's coming...." I warned softly, making it so only she could hear me. But I was too late, the front door slammed open and Kokoro ran out of the house and pushed her mother off of me before falling to her knees next to my head.
"Seriously?! Do you have~ to beat on him whenever you see him, Mother?!" she interrogated Shinda-Chan angrily, her eyes narrowed in a serious expression. Oh boy, was Kokoro mad?
"Young Mistress~! Get back inside~! Not good where you are, yes where you are~!" her talking Hobgoblin yelled, hopping over me, trying to get the girl's attention as she laid my head on her lap. I coughed again. Shinda glared daggers at me while Mephisto tilted his head in confusion.
"Who's she?" Great, now I'm really in for it.....

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