Caroline's POV

I woke up the next morning, as far away from Zayn. We were both on the edge of the bed, our legs hanging off the edge. I sat up and walked into the bathroom. I got out my birth control and used my hands as a cup for water. I popped in the pill and cupped my hands under the sink. I turned on the water and swallowed the pill.

After that I went pee and decided to take a shower. I walked back out to the room to see Zayn still sleeping. I went over to my phone charger and plugged it in. I grabbed my clothes (on right) and headed back to the bathroom. I hopped in the shower and turned on the hot water. It ran down my skin, it felt so good. I shampooed, shaved, and washed my body and thought about the cruise. I didn't know what to expect since I've never been on one before, but I assumed it would be pretty nice.

I closed my eyes and and put in the conditioner. I heard voices out side the door so I hurried up and finished. I put on my towel and started putting on my clothes. I heard a knock at the door "Yeah?"

"It's me, babe. Me and the boys are gonna go to McDonalds real quick for breakfast. Want anything?" Zayn asked. I pulled on my shirt and opened up the door.

"Uhh sure, suprise me." I kissed him on the cheek before he left and went over and grabbed my phone. A bunch of girls were asking me how the boys were and stuff, I responded to a few and followed a bunch. Everyone was thanking me. I wasn't at all taking the advantage of being famous now, it kind of got annoying at some points, but whatever comes in life came for a reason.

I grabbed my purse and headed out the door, I wanted to walk down to Starbucks to wake up.

I got there and there was a line. I stood behind a couple girls, both brown haired and pretty. They looked really familiar but I couldn't tell who they were. Then, it hit me.

"Danielle? Eleanor? Is that you?" I asked. The two girls turned around and it was. They smiled,

"Oh hey, Caroline, right?" Danielle asked.

"Yep!" I said smiling. I was so excited to see them here.

"Zayn must be lucky to have you" Eleanor said. I blushed. "Yeah, I guess."

"Next in line!" the lady called.

Danielle turned around, "Liam gave me your number, I'll talk to you later!" she said smiling.

"Alright bye!" I yelled smiling. I walked up to the lady and ordered my coffee. I left and headed back to the hotel.

Zayn's POV

Me and the boys were almost back when Caroline called my phone "Hey, babe." I said.

"Hey Zayn! I'm just calling to let you know that I went to Starbucks really fast and I'm almost home now." she said.

"Alright, see you in a bit. I got you something special too." I said.

"Oooh is it a milkshake?" she asked.

"Even better. See ya, love" I replied before hanging up. The boys made me googly eyes

"Well aren't you cute" Louis joked with me.

"I am actually, cuter than all of you." I said laughing. They all laughed and started pushing me.

"Boys, I'm driving, stop." I yelled out.

"Sorry." they replied.

Caroline's POV

I got back to the room and finished my coffee. I threw it away and Zayn walked in.

He handed me a McDonalds bag and I pulled out a bagel sandwich. I gulped it down and burped after. "Sorry, I'm not lady-like" I said. Zayn laughed and sat down next to me.

"Did you eat everything yet?" He asked. I thought that's all he got me.

"No.." I said.

"Well, there's more." He said smiling. I gave him a weird look and looked inside the bag. There was a black box inside. I looked at Zayn with my mouth open.

"what is that." I said.

"Open it and find out." he said. I pulled out the box and held it in my hands. I slowly opened it, and there inside it, was a silver necklace. On it hung a heart. It had diamonds encrusted in it, my mouth just hung there.

"Babe, it's beautiful." I said. "Thank you." I hugged him and pushed him down on the bed. I laid on top of him and put my ear to his chest.

"What are you doing?" he asked chuckling.

"Listening to your heartbeat," I said.

He brushed my hair before speaking, "Why? I don't listen to yours.."

"Why not?" I asked, closing my eyes and focusing on his heartbeat.

Zayn's POV

Caroline soon fell asleep on my chest and I thought about today. We weren't going to do anything today, so I thought about what we could do here. I thought about playing games, or listening to music, but I just decided that was too easy.

When she woke up, I decided I would sing every song I know to her. From the Beatles, to our own music.

I sang all day, eating in between albums. She looked mesmorized the entire time, until she kissed me goodnight thanking me for everything.

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