Part 13- No Broken Hearted Girl

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                                         Part 13- no broken hearted girl

I was looking straight into his eyes, I cant do this again I cant have my heart broke again, I thought pulling away from me, whats wrong a frown grew on his face, im sorry Jai I cant, I looked at him then walked quickly out of the pool and once reaching the surface running away leaving everything behind me, I could tell jai was calling me but I ignored him and just ran, I ran all the way to where the basketball courts were, I sat on the ground with my arms folded on top of my knees and kept thinking, I heard Jai creep up behind me, are you alright? He looked at me and sat down beside me, I sighed, go on tell me he said, Jai I had my best friend ignore me and go off with someone I hate I have my dad not wanting anything to do with me, ive had the news broke that my brother was moving all the way out here and ive had my boyfriend cheat on my and laugh in my face, all in the space of two weeks, I get it he began, no jai you don’t, you don’t get it you think that just because you came all the way out here is going to change anything but I cant go through any of that anymore I done, I cant deal with the pain let alone you laughing at me again, jai was silent, I don’t even know if you care or you just want a girlfriend, he was still silent I stood up, well whatever it is you clearly don’t have me for a girlfriend I was fuming and walked away, I walked back by the pool and sat down, jai chased after me, please im sorry forgive me? He began, jai I cant please just leave it now im staying out here and we don’t even have to know eachother anymore cause that’s how it looked like you wanted it the other night bye, I stood up taking my things and walking to my apartment and slammed the door, putting my hands on my hair and dropping to the ground in tears, I wept on the floor, I eventually stopped a bit but I found a note on the table from liam, Lauryn Im sorry but im moving in with TJ and Dan from football you’ve got the whole place to yourself now ill visit sometimes as well I hope you don’t mind x, I read that and threw it to one side before going out to my balcony outside Liams room and sat outside looking at the basketball courts seeing jai throwing basketballs into the net and talking to himself I watched him, he looked a mix between sad and angry I knew it was my fault but it was better this way not knowing eachother not even friends I guess is better because we don’t think about anything.

That night I was in my room just on my laptop when I heard a knock on the door I sighed and went into answer it, I opened the door to see jai standing there again in a suit and a bunch of about a hundred roses, jai? I asked, before you say anything im sorry I will do anything to prove that to you I will crawl to the ends of the earth ill do anything and that night was the biggest mistake of my life ever and you don’t bad I feel about it ive stayed up nights thinking how to make it right ive cried and been laughed at, I haven’t smiled to anyone since that night, I didn’t mean to laugh at you and I didn’t mean to if I went bac now I wouldn’t be walking through the par with her I would be with you at prom having the best night of my life, if It was up to me I would go back and change everything about that night, your my world and once you left me my world came crumbling in and it was the worst feeling ever and I will never be able to tell myself that it wasn’t my fault because I know it was, Im sorry whats happening between everything but I want to be there and hold you when your feeling like that so your not alone, you might not forgive me but at least take these, he handed me the roses as his suit jacket and shirt moved up his arm a bit, I looked at jai’s arm, JAI what have you done I took his arm up in my hands, jai why would you do that, why were you cutting yourself? I asked with tears in my eyes, you meant everything to me and without you im nothing if you wernt there I didn’t want to live without you, he began, no jai im sorry I didn’t mean that im so sorry please don’t ever cut yourself again I forgive you please don’t do it ever again, I hugged him tightly, I wont he said smiling and kissing the top of my head, I invited him in, so wheres liam he asked, well he doesn’t live here anymore just me, I said putting the roses into a vase on the table, oh he smiled I sat beside him on the couch, he put his arm around me, we watched tv for hours he checked the time and it was 1:30am, you can stay here if you want, I smiled, okay he smiled back, come on,  said smiling and taking his hand bringing him into my room, am I sleeping in here? He smiled, I nodded, I got changed for bed he didn’t have clothes so he took his off and got into bed, he looked at me before kissing me, his hands going around my body this is perfect he whispered into my ear, I nodded before falling asleep in his arms.

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