I had to train them or they will break the seal the orge wasn't hard actually he too stupid to even know that he change hands. Though right now i had to train the ying yang. They are two of the same so it will be harder.

"Race are you alrigt," Haruhi asked while pouring me some tea i brought from home. The club was empty for the day no costmers.

"Just thinking how i am going to train the two cards," I pulled out the tiger and snake.

"Do you want some help." She asked.

"I dont know they have my mark but i dont know about obidence." She sat across from me while i notice Mori and Honey getting closer. The twins were behind me trying to scare me but my eyes darted between them and idmetidatly froze.

"Maybe we can act like bait," Haruhi really was interest.

What a strange girl

Agreed Ryo

Back home noone wanted to help me actually afraid of the demons before i whipp them into shaope. Naruto loved using them for training.

"You must obey every single word i say, if i say run yiou run if i say stay you stay, if i say leave me leave." My voice was cold and harsh my eyes were no better for i wanted to make sure they knew my rules.


She ordered us to stay away she transformed into a cloud of smoke into her ninja gear. Waving her hand two cards appeared and a smoke of black and white appeared. Out the smoke appeared the tiger and snake from before.

"Now why shall we listen to a girl," the snake hissed.

"For if you dot i end your soul." The Race standing there was stronmg and powerful.


That snake was pissing me off it kept talking back the tiger repected ryo the second he cought wiff of her soul but this snake will die.

Cutting my index on my right hand a blood whipp appeared. "Guys stay back Ying protect the humans." The tiger nodded and stood infront of them. I was putting faithe into someone i really dont even know.

The snake sensed me getting ready and he struck first. It opened it mouth and began to attack. Using the blood whip i snapped it at him and he backed away. Snapping the whip again it was now a matter of who was going to break first. If i break he's free to go, if he does he, he becomes my servant. Though i really dont want to save him.

The snake zattacked and i kept him away. Keeping a eye on the tiger he seemed to be growleing at the snake.


The snake and Race were showing off each other's strength and neither will be backing down. She kept snapping the whip keeping it at bay. The tiger was protecting us but it was clear it was loyal to Race.

The snake was covered with lashes she herself was pretty beaten up.


Closing her fist she strucked it right between the eyes and it fell . Making some strange hands sign the snake returned into a card.


I still had to train the snake it was to strong. Its going to be awhile till it will listen, Maybe if i see hidan he could scarfice it. The tiger growled but obelty transformed into it human form. He was white with b with black stripes a tail and only a pair of black pants as clotihng.

"My lady," he bowed to me and then disappered.


The tiger just transformed for no ryme or reason. It didnt faze Race but she aske if we were okay.


nodding they seem to be curious of Ying. "When they except my rullle they take the form of a human an dgain my mark."

They seem to understand though still a little shock.

That snake will cause trouble

I know so the only thing left is to try again.

the humans seem to help your strength

maybe but i dont want to loose anyone

Just be careful Akira

As of you Ryoyuke

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