Dilan just layed there. For the last three days her reading have been the same. Her heart rate is still very slow, but her body parts have started to return to their normal color. I sat there next to her, not leaving her side since she got here. I am not leaving her this time.

"How is she?", James said coming into the room. He had left to go get Fauna from the airport. She followed closely behind him.

"Oh my God! Dichi!", she said starting to cry. James pulled her into a hug.

"It's okay baby. She'll be fine. It's okay", he said. I cocked my head.

"Baby?", I said in confusion.

"What? Hasn't James told you guys that we are dating?", Fauna said. I shook my head.

"No. Not at all", I said as James shrugged his shoulders.

"I'm sorry, just so much has been happening the last couple day baby. I haven't been able to find the right time to say it", he said as my mind clicked.

"So when we got off the elevator..... you were talking to Fauna?", I asked. He nodded.

"I didn't tell you guys then because I still thought Dy was going to kill me", he said.

"Oh,okay", Fauna said.

"ANYWAYS", James started,"no new news on her condition?" I shook my head sadly.

"The doctor said this was a critical time. They said this is the time where she'll either wake up,or all the monitors will turn black"! I said trying to hop back tears. Fauna let go of James and came over to me, wrapping me in a hug.

"Kendall, we all know Dilan. She'll come through this", she said as I squeezed her at the sound of Dilan's name,"but you need to go take some time for yourself."

"I don't want to", I said. She stared st me.

"I'm not giving you a choice Kendall Knight. Carlos and Logan are down in the cafeteria. Go hang with them, James will call you if anything happens, okay?", she said as I nodded. Maybe I did just need some time to myself.

"Okay", I said pulling out of her arms. I kissed Dy's forehead.

"Wait till I get back", I whispered in her ear. Then I left, leaving James and Fauna with the love of my life.

I walked out of the elevator to see nurses hustling and bustling around the hallways. Hopefully atleast one of them is helping Dy in some way.

"Kendall!", I heard. I looked to my left to see Logan and Carlos coming my way. I gave a small wave and attempted to smile.

"Hey guys", I said when they were close enough. I know I sounded depressed, but the way their faces looked I guess I sounded way more depressed.

"Kendall, have you slept?", Logan asked.

"Sort of", I said. They both cocked their heads.

"What do you mean, sort of?", Logan said again.

"I've been sleeping for an hour every three hours", I said as Logan put his hand to his forehead.

"Have you atleast been eating?", Carlos asked before Logan could go into a health related rant.

"Not really", I said shaking my head.

"You should really eat", Carlos said.

"I know", I said turning towards the cafeteria. Carlos and Logan turned me around and pointed at the door.

"You are not eating that shit", Logan said,"there's a Mcdonalds a few blocks away. Let's go there." I nodded.

"But if James calls, you guys better be ready to like, run back here", I said as they both nodded.

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