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Chapter 19


I stood their holding hands with the girl I was going to spend my life with. The crowd look at us. They thought it was 'young love' but I thought differently.

The pastor stood infront of us and spoke,"If anyone does not want these two to be legally wed please come forth." I look around. Come on, some one speak up.

"That being said..-" He was interrupted.

I turn to see Alice in a pink sweat suite shouting, Miley running behind her.

Every one gasp. "This whole thing is a lie." Alice shouts.

"Non sense, guards take her away!!" Ashley yelled.

"No she's right, Ashley fake her pregnacy test. She isn't pregnant." Miley confrim.

Ashley stomp her foot."Lies. Do you have proof?" She smirk.

"Why yes.. Yes we do." Alice pull out a folder.

"This is a document saying that she's negative." Miley show everyone.

"Ashley, how could you do this?" I let go of her hands.

"John, no I want to be with you and with out her in our life and the only way was to get married." She pulled on my arm.

"Sorry people but there's no wedding!" I yelled. I snatch her ring away from her.

"I need this for someone else."

"Alice.." I ran towards her,"I'm not asking for you to marry me, but I just want you to be my faithful girlfriend. Can you make that happen?"

She bit her lip, everyone was looking at us. "Long as you can be my faithful boyfriend." She smiled. I slip the ring on her finger and kiss her. She blush.

"No! Alice you ruin everything!!" Ashley yelled.

"Young lady say good bye to everybody because it will be a long time for you to see anyone." Her mom stood up.

Everyone got up, confused but in relief that two teenagers wasn't going to get marry.

Matt walk toward Miley,"I thought I was gonna loose my friend." He look at me.

"No way." I smiled.

"Come on we have school in the morning." Alice pull me along.

"Just wait until tomorrow, everyone will be talking about this." Miley said as she hook arms, bridal style with Matt.

"Dang, I forgot the project is due tomorrow." Alice look up at me.

"Don't worry, I think everything that happen to you and I this month will really explain that... Love is better than sex." I smiled.

___Alice POV__

I went back home and took a shower. I was very happy that John was my official boyfriend and Ashley was going to be home school until she goes off to college.

As I was about to call my mom to talk to Emily. As I thought my life was going to get better, everything crash.

There was a knock on the door.

I open it, I gasp and mumble,"Not today."

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