Amanda's POV: Harry ASKED ME IF I WANTED TO GO FOR A WALK!! Ahhh! :) I run up the stairs to Gemma's room and change...I put on some black leggings,a sparkly white tee shirt,my denim jacket from earlier,and some black boots I bought...I grab my purse and put it over my shoulder....I was about to leave until I remember...Chris called me...I take out my phone and check my  voice mail...I hear his deep voice.."Hey Mandy..Just called to make sure you were ok...Call Me...I need to talk to you..." I smile..When the message ends I breathe in..And for the first time ever...I delete his message...I'm starting new...Fresh! I dont need him...I like someone new...Harry...I get a text..Of course its from Chris! 

Me: What is it Chris???? Im going on a walk!!! 

Chris: Oh...With who?

Me: This guy I met he is the son of the family Im gonna live with...He is soooo hot,and nice,and sweet and- 

Chris: OK I GET IT MANDY! You like him....I got your point...

Me: Ugh! Whatever bye!

Chris: No Mandy wait-

                                     Amanda has ended the chat...

I grab my bag and walk out the door...I see Harry sitting down by the stairs..."Ready Love?" I smile "Yea!" He grabs my hand and we both look at each other..He winks and I smile..We walk through the door...I feel a little tingle inside..Just because Im happy..."So..We can just walk around...Im gonna take you to a  little Ice Cream place I used to go to...When I was smaller..." I smile "Sure!" I love ice cream :) 

Gemma's POV: I walk upstairs after I finish cleaning the dishes with my mom...I go into my room and Amanda's not there..."Harry! Have you seen Amanda?" I yell from my room...With no answer I just go into his room..Its clean...Finally....But..He's not there..I stop and think.."Oh...He went with...Amanda! He likes her for sure!" I say under my breath...Oooh...Loveee...I sit on the stairs waiting for them...Time passes by..20 minutes...40 Minutes...Then finally they come home!  They walk through the door laughing and smiling...I look down and I see them holding hands..."Hey you two!" They look shocked when they see me and they let go of each others hands..."Hi Gem! :) How are you Sis.." Harry says,I look at Amanda...Pointing upstairs...She nods and we walk "Be right back Harry!" She says,he nods and we go upstairs into my room...I shut the door "YOU LIKE HIM DONT YOU?!" I say in a playful tone with a BIG smile..."Not so loud Gemma...But yes...We are strictly FRIENDS..." I rolls my eyes "Yeah Sure! You can tell me..." I say...She sits on her bed and stops "Do you think he likes me?" She says.."Let me see about that.." I open the door and let her out..."Tell Harry I need to talk to him.." She nods and leaves...In a minute Harry opens the door " wanted to talk to me?" I nod "Yes...Im not gonna pressure you or be too foward..Do you like Amanda?" He looks up and down..He pulls his brown curls.."Maybe...A little..Ok! Gotta go!" He says...He runs out of my room and closes the door..."That was quite an answer!" I say..I play with my brown hair and twirl it around my finger...I decide I need something to calm my nerves..I open my desk and grab a small Cadbury egg...I split it open with a paper clip and take a bite....Yummm.I was about to finish it until My mom yells from downstairs "GEMMA! HARRY! AMANDA! DINNER!" We all run downstairs...We see my mom with a pizza box "I dont know what you like Amanda so we just ordered Pizza..." She smiles "Thanks!" Robin smiles "We have Cheese and Pepperoni!" We all say at the same time "Cheese please!" We all laugh..."That rhymes!" Harry says..Then We all take a slice of pizza and eat it...After we finish we have to wash up and go to sleep...I put on my pj's and go to sleep...Amanda isnt in the room...Again..I put my ear against the wall to see if shes in Harry's room..and..She is! I hear them talking "Ok..So you can sit with me and Gem at the lunch table tomorrow!" "Ok! I will! Good night Harry!" Someone opens the door and she walks out...I open my door and I see that he walks out a little too..She kisses him on the cheek and runs to the door...She knocks "Open!" She opens the door "Hey Gemma!" I'm laying on my bed reading an old issue of "Sugar Mag" I put it down.."So...How was your first day at the Styles house hold???" She smiles warmly "Perfect..Just perfect!" She says.."Good night!" She pulls the covers over her head and sleeps..."Night!" I put down my Magazine and put a clip in it...I dont wanna lose my page...Because Dreamy David Beckham is on the page :)...I turn off the light and I go to sleep.....

                                                                       **The Next Morning...7:05...** 

Amanda's POV: I wake up to a shining sun and a bright blue sky! "This is gonna be a great day!" I whisper to myself..I go to the closet and pick out an outfit...A pair of Black Skinny Jeans,A Bright Pink Polo,,a White denim jacket,and light pink low platforms...I set in on my bed..I will change into after I brush my teeth...I grab my light purple toothbrush and I go to the bathroom..Harry and Gemma are both in there..They both wave...Gemma hands me the toothpaste and I put it on my toothbrush...I start to brush...About 2 minutes later we all walk out of the bathroom...I go into Gemma's room and slip on my outfit...I walk slowly down the stairs..I have by back pack I bought from Home...Its Pink and black...Its on my back..I walk down...When Harry sees me his jaw drops "You look...Amazing!" I smile "Thanks.....Anne hands us all plain donuts and cups of milk..."Breakfeast!"She smiles I laugh "Yum! I love this!" I eat half a donut and the glass of milk "Thank you Mrs.Styles!" She smiles and takes all our wrappers and glasses..."Bye Guys! Have fun!" Mrs.Styles says as we walk out the door,Harry says the school isnt too far away from the house so we all walk there...The wind blows my light brown hair into the wind blown look! Its perfect!! Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School is pretty nice...I like it...We walk in and lots of kids are rushing around...Harry holds my hand and rubs my hair...We walk in...Together..Gemma is ahead of Harry and me and HIm are behind her holding hands..I'm guessing alot of people know Harry because when they see us they point and gasp at us...Im guessing hes popular! I squeeze his hand and he looks down at me "Its Ok Love....Dont be scared.." We walk into a classroom...809...."What class is this?" I whisper to Harry "Math...I hate it..Its hard..." I smile "Im good at math!" He looks at me again "Well maybe you can help me!" After he says that he winks..Im guessing he's flirting? :) Well we take a seat in the middle row next to each other and Gemma...When I walk in LOADS of boys stare at me..I look at Harry...When we sit a really cute guy with black hair and brown eyes comes up to me.."Hey Beautiful! Whats your name.." Harry looks a little offended "Amanda...!" I say with a smile Harry looks at me..."Yeah...So byeee!" He winks at me and sits down "Sorry Harry! I dont like him!" He smiles "Oh Ok!" When we start math class a teacher walks in "Hello! I am you math teacher! Mrs.La Fonte!" she starts to write a math problem until she turns back and looks at her book.."Ahhh! We have a new student right?" My hand shoots up..."Me!" Mrs.La Fonte smiles "Whats your name dear!?" I smile wide "Amanda...Cruz!" She smiles wide "Perfect! Ms Cruz...We have alot of work to do!" She says with a wink! Im ready to work! 

Harry's POV: "Team up!" Mrs.La Fonte says..I look at Amanda "Want to be my partner?" Shes smile and nod shes shoo away all the other boys who were going to ask and they leave...We work together for 30 minutes..."Ok! So a real estate agent received a 6% commission on the selling price of a house if his commission was 8,880 what was the selling price of the house?" She asks "Ummmm? I dont know!" Thank goodness the bell rings "Times up!" The teacher says and we all break up..."Ok! You have 10 pages of Math Word Problems! They must be done by Thursday! Class Dismissed!" Everyone jumps out of their seats and leaves the class room! "Mrs Cruz Stay!" I nod and Amanda stays..I walk outside and and meet up with Gemma "Hey I need your advice!" She smiles "Whats up?" "Well...You know that Amanda is BEAUTIFUL to the max...And all the other guys are staring at her..and checking her out! You know? What if she goes out with someone else!? I really like her...But meaning we JUST met I dont wanna scare her by asking her to go out with me...TELL ME WHAT TO DO GEMMMMM! I dont wanna lose her!" She stares at me "5 simple words...Ask Her On A Date! If you want I can tell Mom you are going somewhere for a bit...I can buy you some time!...Go to the movies or something! " "Movies...Perfect!"  I say under my breath "Thanks Gem!" I run to room 809 and I had perfect timing! Amanda was coming out "Everything Ok?" I say,I take her books and she explains "She wants me to be on the Mathletes!" I smile "Thats great! So I want to ask you something..." She smiles wide "Anything!" I breathe in "Do you want to go on a date with me?" I close both my eyes waiting for her answer "Yes! I will!" I look at my shoes "Aww..I thought- Wait! You said yes! Yayyyyyyy! Do you like the movies???" She claps "Yes! I love the movies!"  I laugh "Perfect pick you up at- Oh wait we live together!" We both laugh loudly...Its a risk but I give her a peck on the cheek..She blushes...Im so Happy! I got a date with a beautiful girl!

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