Part 12- America

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                                             Part 12- America

As we stepped out of the plane we were hit by a cool wind as it was coming to the end of winter over here, we walked through the airport and collected our bags and we were approached by Liam’s new football coach who was bringing us to our new apartment, we drove up to it and pulled in, we stepped out of the car got our bags and walked up the stairs to our floor we had the whole 5th floor, Liams coach threw him the keys and Liam opened the door and we walked in, we immediately walked into the sitting room on the right of the sitting room was one bedroom with a double bed and a view of a pool and beyond that a beach, from the left of the sitting room was a big kitchen and in the kitchen was a door when you walked through it, there was another bedroom but this one looked over the football, basketball and tennis courts, we decided liam was taking that one and I was taking the other one, We went into our rooms and unpacked, Liam had training in an hour which I thought was a bit unfair as we just landed but liam doesn’t care.

Liam was gone now and I was just placing everything around, I have 3 messages from Jai I still couldn’t bear to check them my heart was just getting fixed up and I couldn’t let it shatter again by checking the messages, after fixing some things up I went for a walked around the pool and everything, it was beautiful you could hear children laughing with their parents they were a perfect family I smiled at them as they seen me looking, I seen coupled walking around hand in hand, that’s when I thought of jai, I could feel tears coming I wiped my eyes before they did and continued walking, I kept seeing them around I couldn’t stop thinking about jai, I sat by the pool, put my hand through the water, Jai I miss you, I said as a tear dropped into the water, what have I done moving out here why did I do that, Someone tapped my back, The pools name isn’t Jai and you can go in it in the morning, a man that worked there said he looked a bit Spanish he must of thought I thought the pools name was jai or something, I laughed a bit, no I don’t think the pools name is jai I couldn’t stop laughing, um im sorry ill leave now, he smiled and waved I walked away laughing, continuing to walk around and explore the place.

I walked around for a couple of hours before going back, I was pretty tired I could feel my eyes closing, I walked up into our room and texted liam that I was going asleep so when he came home he knew, I hoped he had a good day at training, I got changed and got into bed I spent about an hour looking out the window and thinking about jai, I finally got to sleep after shedding some tears onto my pillow, I woke up the next morning to liam gone to football again, I went out to shop because I was bored the shops here were huge, I walked around I don’t think I bought anything for at least two hours I might have been on my own but I was having fun it made me forget everything and just focus on buying things to wear, I saw a dress that was the same as my prom dress that’s when I remembered everything I stared at in through the window, its pretty isn’t it, the woman in the shop said, yeah it beautiful, I replied thinking about that night, what would you be wearing it for she asked, well I had it for prom but that was a big mistake, I said walking away, she stood there confused and walked back into the shop, I walked away towards  a music store and was looking at the cds but suddenly I seen jai’s face on a cd I shook my head and walked towards the posters and looked through them seeing jai on every single one of them, I ran out of the shops everyone around me had Jai’s face I panicked this was a nightmare I kept running and could hear people calling me in jai’s voice I ran out of the shopping centre and ran to get a taxi I hopped in and the taxi man turned around, where to? He smiled but he had Jai’s face aswell, I panicked again and ran out of the car running away crying I ran to a bridge and looked over in putting my head into my arms crying, whats happening? I asked myself why do I keep seeing jai everywhere I go I mumbled into my arms, before walking away I walked through a park kicking things as I walked by them, I kept my head down thinking about everything I finally started to see people for themselves and not jai which I was happy about, I went back home and was going to this place where they had a singing contest I wanted to do it but I didn’t want to do the contest part I just wanted to sing for fun, I got changed into black leggings a white string top and a denim waist coat with sparkly heels, I arrived and was getting ready it was in a type of bar place, they called my and I got up on stage I introduced myself and told my story about moving over here I sat on the stool and the music started I was singing broken hearted girl by beyonce, I began singing and suddenly felt like this was where I felt most comfortable up on stage even if it wasn’t competitive it was fun I really got into it I was banging out the big notes by the time the song was over I had everyone standing and clapping and cheering I was so happy I had tears in my eyes, they announced the winner I didn’t win but I came second which was good enough for me because the winner was professional I came second to a professional that’s amazing for me as ive never done anything like that before, but when I was on stage I felt like I was singing about Jai and it felt right, I picked up all of my things, I was being congratulated by everyone on my way out that really put a smile on my face, I went home and threw my stuff on my bed I still havent seen Liam since like the first day hes been out all the time either with football or just friends over here, I didn’t mind though because I was always out on my own, I watched tv for a bit but I heard a knock at the door, who could that be liam has a key, I thought as I went up to the door, I opened it to find jai standing there with a stereo and a flower, I sighed and looked at him Jai…. I started, I know what your thinking lauryn why am I here whats the point you don’t want me, I know I know but your my world and I told you last time my heart would be gone on that plane and it did and I couldn’t let that happen, jai look what you did that night hurt me bad and you didn’t even say anything you laughed at me, Lauryn please he knelt onto his knees and put his hands into the praying position, I looked at him, lauryn id crawl to the ends of the earth for you im here over in America for you on my knees praying please give me one more chance please and if I screw that up that’s me done, he began, but jai I cant keep going through broken hearts for me to figure out weather you love me or not, I do love you please believe me, jai looked up, I was silent and breathed heavily, he got up even if you don’t want me just take my hand and come with me for a few minutes he reached out his hand, I took it, where are we going I said nervously, ssshh just wait he replied and we finally stopped, he brought me to on front of the pool what are we doing jai? I asked, I ruined prom and all we were talking about was that one special slow dance, he started, yeah and? I questioned, well im going to give it to you now, shall we? He reached out his hand after starting the music, I took his hand he placed it on his neck and taking my other one and doing the same he put his two arms around my waist, he danced I forgot the world we didn’t even notice people standing around watching, it felt perfect but was I really just going to give in after what he did I have a couple of days to think he is staying here for like two weeks or something like that, the music stopped but everyone was still around, you don’t have to choose weather you want me today you know, he started I nodded my head, he looked into my eyes and kissed me it started to pour rain, a kiss in the rain was what ive always wanted it felt amazing but I still couldn’t figure out what would happen he stopped kissing me, well ill see you tomorrow I guess, he said walking away, I was silent before walking up to my room I was soaking, I got into the shower I had a little think in there, I got out dried myself got changed it was completely dry out now I threw in a pair of shorts and white strapless tee and walked into my room and got my towels for the pool and went down to put them out for the morning as I was at one of the sunbeds my eyes caught jai, I didn’t look up or anything, it felt weird putting towels out in the spring but everyone was doing it, after I was finished I looked into the pool for a few moments and walked back up to my room, I got into bed and went onto my laptop for a while I had a video request from jai and Danielle I accepted both and was talking to them at the same time, which was awkward, Lauryn im sorry, Danielle started to say, course you are I said rolling my eyes, jai was just there listening, jai started to talk, who was that? Danielle asked, its jai, I said whos jai is he nice looking would he go out with me? Danielle said, a friend, Jai interrupted me no he wont, why not? Danielle asked, because I don’t go out with people who hurt the one I love, jai began, I smiled, Danielle looked shocked, sorry dans but Amber can help you get a boyfriend, I closed her chat, I only had jais open now, thanks jai that meant a lot, I began, its okay I don’t like you being hurt I know what it feels like, well I better go to bed now night, he said blowing a kiss and ending the call, I smiled and fell asleep, why did I fell like this I promised myself I wouldn’t go back to jai, I slept all night and got up at 7 and went out for breakfast before getting ready to go down to the pool, I finished breakfast and got changed into my bikini and went down to the pool, I had my bag and suncream with me I went to the chairs I had my towels on and lay down on them, mind if I take this chair I heard someone say, I looked up to see jai no top just his shorts, my mouth dropped, ill take that as a yes he laughed and placed his towel on the chair and lay down on it, wanna go into the pool? He asked smiling, sure I said, he got up and walked towards the pool I put my feet into it and it was freezing, jai reached out his hand I shook my head its cold, fine ive got and idea get on my back, he smiled taking me on his back, he walked straight through the water and threw me off, JAI!! Its freezing, I shouted, don’t be a moan he said splashing me, I splashed him back, he walked towards me and put his arms around my waist, I felt my body on his everything felt right with him again, he did come all the way to America for me.

also if you guys could tll me weather i should write more or not because id like to know i honestly dont mind your opinions so could yous please comment and tell me what yous think of it :) x

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