Goodbye Liam –I said.

After I saw him enter to his apartment, I turned to look at Harry, who was still standing there, with his arms crossed and looking at me.

- Did you decide to do what Sharon told you? -He joked.

- What? -I asked, confused.

He separated himself from the door when I went to open it.

-Yes, that of looking for a couple -he mused, but the joke didn’t turn out as such.

I exploded in a thunderous laughter.

-I only went out for a coffee with my neighbor, to know him better -I said. -That has nothing to do with Sharon's murderous plans.

He laughed.

- Are her plans murderous? I'll tell her, I’ll accuse you with her. -He joked.

-No need, she knows -Harry opened the door and introduced himself behind me. -You know that Sharon comes here until eight.  Don’t you? -I said sarcastically.

-I know, but I have not much to do and it's better to hang out here while I wait.

-Well, it's nice to have you here until she arrives -I thought ... wait, wait, I didn’t think it… Did I say it out loud?

-Thanks, you’re so lovely –He muttered, and then I thanked I was back himself because my face turned into red color. -Tomorrow we will go out, you will meet my brother, Louis, do you remember?  -He said, unknowing the chaos he has made in my heart because of his words.

-Ermm ... yes, I’m excited -I mumbled.

-Louis is excited too

So, we planned what tomorrow would be, at his side I found myself more comfortable and he was magnificent. He had that rare power to amaze me, leaving me with no speech or guessing my thoughts sometimes, he was just stunning and the little creature rejoiced full of happiness, but only until Sharon arrived, because then, seeing them laugh with each other and call themselves "love" was starting to become uncomfortable and made me leave the cheesy scene. Because drastically I began to feel uncomfortable.

- Beast, get up!-Sharon had a habit of waking me up knocking on the door, so it was nice when she went to work.

I stammered between the pillows and then I realized that the annoying knock on the door wouldn’t stop until Sharon saw me with my eyes open.

I stood lazily and opened the door; Sharon was in the kitchen looking for something in the refrigerator. I looked.

-Wear something cute, something green, Louis likes that color –Sharon said.

-You're crazy -I whispered and I turned to get dressed.

-If you want that him to like you, listen to my advice –She shouted from the kitchen.

-I do not want Louis to like me, I don’t even know him! -I complained, coming back to my room; incredibly amazed by the efforts of Sharon to match me.

-Just get dressed, okay? They will arrive at any time.

-You are bad -I glared her with my eyes.

-But you love me that way -She pulled out her tongue and I laughed.


I dressed in a blue turquoise blouse and cased jeans just to go against Sharon. A few minutes later, I heard the doorbell ring, and the little creature started jumping back and forth chanting the name of Harry.

I left my room when I heard the murmur of voices, and there beside the golden angel, was laying another. He looked very much like Harry, however, his hair was curly, almost like Liam, but these curls were a little disheveled, his skin almost of the same color of his brother, and when he smiled me, his cheekbones were significantly increased.

-Hello -I whispered.

-_______, look, he is Louis-Sharon told me, pulling me by my elbow to the pair of angels.

I reached out to greet him and he answered my greeting.

-Hello -he said.

I wasn’t sure, but I felt within me as two parts, one, listening to Louis, but the other was paying attention to Harry. Surely the little creature was inside the second.

-Well, now that they met, where do we go? –Sharon asked.

- Would you want breakfast in...? -Harry's voice finally spoke, and I got complete lost in it.

Then I stopped hearing the conversation they had, in fact, my eyes were stubborn and left my other senses inactive, as they clung to keep eyes on Harry.

Everyone's lips stopped moving, and then they looked at me. ‘Talk!’ Ordered a voice in my head. Then my senses began to be activate again.

- ______!-Sharon shook me.

- Huh? –I whispered, terribly embarrassed.

- Do you want to breakfast pizza? –She asked me.

-Hmm ... yes -I said.

How long had they been talking to me?

-Let’s go then -Harry concluded.

They let us go first and then, in Harry's Hybrid we headed to a small local of pizza.

We sat at a table, Harry and Sharon in one side and Louis and me on the other. Both in front of both.

-Let’s ask for the typical pizza, so ______ can eat it. I bet you've never tried one made in Italy.

-That's obvious, Sharon, you know that -I said, laughing.

After a few minutes, the pizza was served in front of us, and the smell of cheese and sauce was clear in every minimal movement of the pizza. I served two slices, I ate one immediately, because it tasted delicious, while we were exchanging the typical information of those who has just met.

I looked at Harry only when no one was watching me, avoiding being discovered while I appreciated him in every move, every gesture and every word that was coming from his lips. He was beautiful in his own way and he didn’t even realize it.

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