Chapter 1

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Disclaimer: this is an adult mature book, if you are neither of those please exit the building! This is also a malexmale book, if you didn't know from the title XD so please, again, if you don't want to read a malexmale book, please exit the building! That is all! 😉



It was a typical Sunday morning, the kind of morning you wish you could've enjoyed in bed alone. Listening to the rain tapping down on your window, drifting you in and out of sleep.

A dozy, sleepy Sunday morning.

But i wasn't alone like I'd wanted to be, nope. I was buttoning my shirt and readjusting my tie. The same tie I'd found entangled around the arm rest of my clients mahogany chair from about four hours before. I had collected my payment in advance of course, the whole company was set up so that the Escorts that were rented out had to be previously booked. Making our clients well known to us, and the whole thing fairly hushed.

In the middle of shoving my pants back on, my phone rang its usual set ringtone for Miles. rolling my eyes as i closed over the large oak doors to my clients four story luxury villa, i set the phone to my ear and sighed answering.

"Miles..." I casually walked down the granite steps to the front of the parking area, a fancy looking black car waiting to pick me up.

"Kia, you're late for check in!"

"I was with a client, you cant expect me to drop sucking someone off midway just to sit back and let you know that i am yes, indeed, sucking someone off" I laughed, sitting into my transportation and crossing my leg before looking up to see my driver Anton peering back at me. He had one of those 'you did not just say that!' expressions on his face. But it since then depleted and we were already pulling away from the house.
"It's company policy Kia, you know that, you check in every 24 hours so we don't have to send someone in to make sure the fucking client hasn't beaten you to death with a fucking paddle!"

Miles, over dramatic as ever. That only happened like twice.

"Well as you can tell by my sarcastic tone, I'm not dead yet" I diverted my attention away from the middle aged Asian man screaming in my ear and instead, looked out the car window admiring the way the world looked like a watercolor painting when you traveled at high speed. "-And if you refuse to just do that for me, I'm gonna start giving better clients to better escorts! one's that follow the rules of the company!"

Now to that, i tuned right the fuck back in.

"woah, woah! okay! just relax Miles, It's fine! I'll check in more okay?  Just don't do that thing you were saying, that's a dick move, seriously!"

I can't fall below standard at the company, we all know what happens to the one's that do.

You see, Timeless, the company I work for, has a little habit of disposing of their washed up escorts in body bags or boxes shipped off to Thailand and I for one don't plan to be on that list. Miles voice rang out against my ear making me shudder "Good, or you know I won't have any other choice Kia" the line went dead.

I dropped my head back against the seat and groaned. This wasn't the life I had wanted for myself, no way. I had gotten myself involved with the wrong money lenders, and when i went bust there was no other way. It was work for them or die.

So I gave up my dream and with it my life, now the property of Timeless Company, and they were timeless alright. A painful moment in my existence no doubt about it.

But I had made my peace so to speak.

I got to entertain clients in fancy mansions and on exotic cruises in beautiful settings. Palm tree beaches with crystal clear ice blue waters, yup I really had the life. If I didn't mess up and get my self killed or sold off in the process. Yeah, this was the life alright.

I'm being sarcastic, obviously.

Most of the clients I receive are big spending creeps with nothing better to do other than waste their money on a good time with a devilish well dressed hooker. That's essentially what I am, if I'm being completely honest. I've had all manner of encounters with these glassy eyed Wall Street style wannabes and I'll save you the trouble of hearing the worst of them.

Just know I left in an ambulance more than once and the only reason I'm still in this occupation is because Mile's knew I was worth the money and effort to get me healed up. See, Miles is kind of my handler. Every Escort at Timeless has one, they handle the day to day clients requests and make sure you look the way you're supposed to. They make sure you show up in the right place at the right time, and they keep us in check if we seem to be attempting to stray away from their boney little fingers.



My head snapped up from the daze I had found myself in, Anton was peering back at me in the rear view mirror and I almost felt like raising my eyebrow at him. "What's up?"
Anton sighed, his dark black hair swayed as he looked left and right before turning down a busy side street "you have another client tonight, he's requested casual wear so you need to change at the company after you shower before heading back out, he didn't give many details but I assume it's a low key secret meeting."

I don't know why that bothered me so much, maybe because a secret meeting entailed that the client probably had a wife or husband they were cheating on with me and it just made me feel a thousand times guilter and more disgusting than I already felt after such occasions. "alright, any other requests?" Usually they'd want something specific, black boxers, leather straps, even heels and langerie. Anton shook his head "nope, just casual is all he said, but bring some items along in a bag in case he changes his mind and we can add it to his charge later"

I felt a sigh escape as I nodded quietly back at my driver, he was more of a prison guard than anything else. when I was around him i felt monitored, and I really hated that.

The large seven story building that was Timeless Company finally came into view up ahead and i could never bring myself to tare my eyes away as we approached the beast. There was my prison and my castle, I ruled as the top escort but I was just as disposable as anyone else.

With a heavy heart I pulled myself out of the car and headed for the revolving door that was the front of our homestead, tensing up as I did the day i first arrived here wide eyed and hopeful. Miles greeted me in the lobby and took my upper arm pulling me along to the elevator. As the doors closed in front of us he dropped my arm and I slouched my shoulders in annoyance at my next interaction with our charming customers "what's the client's name then?"

Miles barely batted an eye as the elevator door opened and he escorted me down the housing corridor, passing the closed doors of other escorts personal quarters. I never understood why Mile's always did this with me after every client I had when I came back to the Company, it didn't happen with the other escorts and it felt...weird, to say the least.

Finally upon reaching my door at the end of the long corridor he stopped and gave me an unusually friendly smile.

"his name is Tyler" he said opening my door for me and ushering me in "now, hurry up and get that smell off of you, he's expecting you in twenty" and with that, along with a slightly annoyed look on my face, the door was shut.


Hey guys! That was chapter one of the  new series, hope you like it so far its gonna be crazy XD I'm so pumped to be starting a story like this one as I am a massive fan of so many books on Wattpad that inspire me to write, I finally had the guts to give it a go myself! So hope you buckle up for the ride:)

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