*Kendall's POV*

I was pushed to the ground as two shots were fired. Then I saw the most horrifying thing in my life; Dilan collapsed. I ran to her and picked up her body. It seemed lifeless, but she still has a pulse. She was loosing blood from her leg and her arm. The rest of her body didn't look that well either. How she was able to find the strength to push me out of the way, the world may never know. I pulled her closed to me, trying to stop the blood.

"James! Call 911!", I said laying Dy back on the floor,"Carlos, stay here with Dy. I have some business to take care of." I ran in the directing Adam ran off to.

"You'll never catch me fool,", I head him say again and again.

"Kendall, I love you", I heard Dilan's angletic voice sing. It came from the direction of Adam's voice. It also sounded like the exact thing as when she said it..... earlier.

"Kendall, I love you", he voice said again. It was a recording of our conversation earlier. I forced myself to run faster after the sounds.

"Kendall, I love you", it repeated. I turned the corner to see Adam turning the corner ahead of me. I had to catch up to him.

"Kendall, I love you." Pushing yourself is hard usually. But it seemed like a breeze while I was chasing after him. Anything that involved Dilan seemed like a breeze. Since she's so....... amazing. This though just let me feel like I was shortening the space between us with every step.

"Kendall, I love you." One more turn. I was right behind him. I reached out and grabbed the back of his shirt, forcing him to the grouse.

"How you you?", I said as he laughed. I hit his face as he kept laughing. He held his phone out to me.

"Kendall, I love you."

"Kendall, I love you."

"Kendall, I love you."

"Kendall, I love you." Finally, I took the phone and ripped the battery out of it. Then I threw it at the wall, shattering it to pieces. Adam just kept laughing.

"What! Why are you so happy! You said she was the llove of your life. SO WHY DID YOU JUST FUCKING KILL HER?", I yelled in his face. I punched him again.

"Just to piss you off", he said laughing. Then I just let myself go. I swung and hit him whey stinken time.

"Kendall, Kendall!", I heard James yell. But I didn't stop. He deserved whey little thing that I did to him. I could feel tears running down my face.

"You fucking bastard, how could you!", I yelled ss I kept attacking him. My fists were covered in his blood. But he never fought back. Then I was pulled off of him.

"Son, you need to go with your friends", an officer said as two more picked up Adam. I also saw two more mean pick up another body. I was shocked to see Justin. He was for sure, dead. Dy wasn't lying. He had already taken Justin, and she wasn't going to let him take me. The officer kept a good grip on my arm so I couldn't go back to attacking Adam. But it was so hard not to try.

"Go to hell", I said under my breath. The cop didn't hear me, thank God. But Adam just stared at me as the cops walked him out of the room.

"She keeps a lot more from you then you think", he said before they turned a corner. I looked to the officer.

"Where is Dilan?", I asked staring him down.

"What? Your girlfriend?", he said. I shook my head as it really sank in. The girl I was in love with was I think dead, and she wasn't even my girlfriend.

"No, just a really close friend", I said as he nodded.

"The EMTs are putting her in the ambulance right now", he said.

"Is anyone else with her?", I said as he shrugged.

"I think your friend....... the short one is with her", he said. James came into the area where we were.

"Kendall, their about to leave. Carlos said Dy mumbled your name as the gits put her in the ambulance. They think its best for you to be there", he said as I nodded looking at where the officer's hand was.

"Excuse me, do you mind letting go of my arm?", I said as he nodded, releasing his grip.

"Go get her son", he said as I ran after James.

"They wrapped up her arm and leg already", James said as I caught up to him,"she looks bad."

"How bad?", I asked as we stopped. I looked at tthe ambulace's flasheing lights. This was bad, there were three of them there.

"That bad", James said poitning to the ambulance on the right. Carlos stood by it, crying

I tried to calmly walk up to him, but he flung his arms around me.

"She said it Kendall, she said it", he said as my eyes widened.

"Said what Carlos?", I said as his grip tightened on me.

"She said your name Kendall. The medics don't believe me! But she said your name", I said as I looked into the opened door of the ambulance. Under the bright lights, her skin seemed to show every spot of purple, blue, black, and red on her body.

"Are you here for her?", the medic said as I nodded.

"James go take my car and get Logan and the girls", I said,"Carlos you come with me." Carlos nodded as we hopped into the back of the ambulance. The medic closed the door.

"Are you two family?", the second medic said. Carlos shook his head.

"No, I'm a friend", he said trying to stop crying.

"I'm her boy.........a very close friend", I said taking her limo hand in mine.

"Oh", he said looking at me,"I see." Then he went to checking scanners, chats, and Dilan. Carlos and I just sat there watching him. She can't side, she just can't. I mean, she's only twenty. She's never drank, never went on tour with us, and never married me. Then I think she's a virgin too. Besides that, they have to keep her alive. She has too much to live for. One dumbass can't screw that up. I just look at her. Her hair wasn't stained. It was still it's perfect blond. That surprised me.

"Dilan, please hold in there, please", I said gripping her hand a little tighter. I looked at the moniters to see that her heart kept slowing down. She was almost gone. I let her run away from me again

I didn't keep my promise, I let her run. Shit.

End of part 2


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