I put down my phone and hopped in the shower, I washed with my 'Paris Amour' body wash.. mhhmm it was my favorite. Then I washed my hair and conditioned it.

I jumped out of the shower and quickly dried my self, leaving my hair to air dry.

I got dressed and walked back to my room, my phone was flashing so I went to check it.

*Message from: Ryan Beatty

Time: 4:32pm

Hmm I was thinking friday night at In-N-Out? Sound good to you?

Ryan. xx*

Man that boy was a little too obsessed with In-N-Out but I texted him backing saying yes anyways.


The next day at school I found Josh sitting outside texting someone.

I ran up and grabbed his phone and ran away laughing, he looked up and yelled "HEY!" but as soon as he saw it was me he started laughing and he got up and chased me.

I ran to the park and sat down on a swing, looking at the text. It was from Rachel, I clicked on it and started reading it, but I soon stopped because it was very disturbing. To some it up, they were doing some dirty sexting. Something I always thought was pathetic.

"HEY! LUCY GIVE ME MY PHONE!" he yelled and i started swinging so he couldn't get it.

"Nah nah nah boo boo, you can't get it!" I said as i laughed and stuck out my tongue. I sounded like a little kid but oh well.

"Finally he sat down and waited till I stopped swinging.

'Here, you can have this back" I said as he got up "but... first i have some questions for you."

"Ughh, fine what do you want to know." He said sitting back down.

"Well first off I want to tell you that your a discussing little man hore. And i want to ask you..., WHY THE HELL WERE YOU MAKING OUT WITH RYAN'S GIRLFRIEND!? WHATS WRONG WITH YOU? HE'S YOUR FRIEND!" I screamed at him.

His face turned red and he replied quietly "Because I wanted to."

I rolled my eyes "What kind of horrible excuse is that you pig? now excuse me as I go tell Ryan, because I don't want him getting even more hurt when he finds out through the media." I said and got up heading away from the park.

I heard foot steps coming up behind me but i kept walking.

Someone then grabbed my arm and spun me around.

"No Lucy don't do that!" Josh begged me.

"Yes I am now let go of me." I said as i ripped my arm out of his grip.

I turned around and started to walk again but Ryan grabbed my arm again and held on tight.

His face was bright red and veins were pooping out of his neck.  I was actually really scared

"I wouldn't do that if i were you..." he snarled.

I kicked him in the 'sensitive spot' and booked it for the school.

What had gotten into him i wondered to myself.


To get my mind off what happened i decided to choose my outfit for tomorrow night. I picked a sundress with red floral pattern on it, with a big braided brown belt. (picture on the side) some brown sandals, yellow flower earrings and some silver bangles to top it off.

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