" Come on, you have to go." Ashley pleaded with me over the phone. It was six forty-five and the auction started in fifteen minutes. In my eyes there was no point of going because I already knew who was going to be my date...so I thought. " Ashley! Shut up!..Look I just don't want to go..plus the school calls you and tells you where to meet the "winner" at." " I understand that...forget it. If you don't go, I wont go." She sighed. " Ash go, you know you want to bid on Nick." " I really do Somethign about that boy..just gets me going." " Ash, eww, calm down. Just go and, and text me if you get him.'" " Sure thing, bye." Ashley said rushing me off the phone." Bye." It was too late she had already hung up. I was bored, so i went down stairs and watched television, until Ashley texted me. My favorite show was on, Awkward. I loved Matty Kibben. Now something about that boy..just gets me going. Two hours passed when I got a text message from Ashley saying " I got him! His sexy ass is mine for a whole day!" I laughed the whole time reading it. Ashley never cussed unless she was saying hell. I was waiting for a text message from Kyle to say he got me. I never got one. He must have been planning our date. So I just didn't worry about it. I would see him tomorrow, and then later for our date. Tomorrow was going to be a great day.

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