Break Your Rules

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Hello! I decided to start another Ed fanfic, I may continue with this one and I may not so we shall see! Comment or hit the vote button to let me know whether I should continue with it or not! :)



Lauren put one last outfit in her small army green suitcase, zipped it up, grabbed her backpack and her guitar, and carried everything downstairs.

"I'm leaving." She said to her parents who were sitting in the family room. Her father was going over some paperwork like he usually was, despite the fact that it was Saturday morning. He worked it real estate and it seemed like he never took any time off, not even to spend time with the family.

Her mother took a sip of her coffee and went back to the magazine she was reading. "Be safe."

"Will do, i'm taking the bug." 

"Okay. Don't scratch it." Her father said.

Their vintage VW bug was her favorite thing in the entire world. This was the weekend she'd been waiting for, for a few weeks now. She was going to see one of her favorite musicians, Ed Sheeran.

The humid post-summer air hit her as she exited the house and began her treck with her luggage down the driveway.

17 years young and she was probably allowed more leeway than most girls her age. Her mom didn't work and her dad worked all the time. She was an only child who learned to earn her parents trust at a young age.

She threw her things in the backseat of the VW, hopped in the drivers seat and started the engine. She was sure to remember the 4 mix CDs she'd made for her ride from Palm Beach to Orlando. After popping the first MIX CD in the radio she reach back and rolled down the windows to allow for some ventilation. Putting the car in drive she began her journey to Orlando. Her wavy blonde hair blew in the wind all the way there.

Three hours later she arrived at the House of Blues venue in Orlando where Ed was playing his first show of his US tour. There weren't many people there yet so she reached back and got her guitar out of its case, propped her feet on the dashboard, and began playing. She'd always wanted to be a musician but her parents weren't so sure that was the best idea.

She continued strumming and singing along to random songs that appeared in her head. Stuck in her daydream she hardly realized that there were a few people gathered around her car listening to her. It wasn't until she'd finished her seventh song, "Find My Way Back Home" that she looked up and blushed fiercly as she recognized someone she'd only seen in magazines and videos.

"From what I hear you need some help finding your way back home?" The ginger boy said smiling at her.

She set her guitar down in the seat beside her and hastily got out of the car, bumping her head on the way.

"Ouch!" She said rubbing her forehead.

"You alright there?" 

"Yeah...i'm.....i'm fine."

"Ed, sound check in 5!" A man called from the entrance of the venue.

"I'll be right there!" He yelled back.

"Hello I'm Ed." the ginger boy said extending his hand. 

"I'm Lauren." 

"Pleasure to meet you. Um I've got to get to soundcheck but you were really good....stick around after? I'd love to hear more." 

"I dunno I-..." 

Suddenly a larger older man with a buzz cut seemingly appeared out of nowhere and took Ed by the arm. 

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