The Cursed Girl

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My names Nikki Smith (it doesn't really suit me, smith). I have black hair that's falls right below my shoulders my eye color is pitch black I'm roughly 5 foot 5 1/2 maybe an inch taller than the rest of the girls at my school. My favorite color is blue I wear skinny jeans I prefer black not that I'm emo. I also wear vans, I have all the colors in the rainbow, oh and did I mention I'm a monster.........well people call it a "vampire" but if you think about it we only have a few things in common like fangs, super human strength, but most of all blood. Blood is different between us they drink it but to mostly feed on it along with the flesh and that's the only thing they can eat because in the movies supposedly their stomach cant digest human food right or something like that, if u ask me that's retarded. And well I only need to drink blood (I don't have to eat the flesh of a living human) because I just need it to revitalize myself in other words if about 4 days pass without a drop of blood then I'll get weaker and weaker until I eventually die. And even though I've tried not to drink blood a craze goes over me I don't exactly go mad for blood but it turns into a secondary world like i'm watching myself in a dream and my body instincts take over but its different I'm as sly as a fox i'm quick and careful when i'm actually very clumsy I can also do things I've never knew I could do before its weird. Anyways my parents had found out about it when a scoth had told them (also a witch or sorcerer) and it had said that my great x10 grandfather had been cursed, the curse was that the first born daughter within his bloodline would be turned into a monster that would need blood to survive and as luck would have it i'm the first born daughter in over 1,000 years. And ever since my parents knew they have been treating me like crap. Yeah I know you feel bad for me but don't because I wouldn't if I were you. You see I don't really care about my parents either because of how they treat me. For example I remember when I was a baby they would leave me in my crib in the basement all alone and lock the door behind them. They wouldn't come to me if I cried or just to check up on me they would just come every once in a while to feed me, and yes I can eat human food. Even when I started school they would still keep me in my room till it was dark, then after I was free to go wherever but I had to be back in my room to be locked up again by 10:00pm. I had also realized that every time I passed by them they would pretend I wasn't there, and they would try to walk away when I talked to them. Also a very weird thing happened when I was around 1 years old (yeah I remembered everything since birth) I was let out of my room and when I walked into the living room, I saw my mom and dad were hovering over something. I was curious so I walked over and to my surprise I saw my newborn baby sister, how did I know that well lets just say even for my age I was a super genius. I taught myself everything without anybody's help. Let's see were was I oh yeah my baby sister, every time I came out of my room mom and dad I mean Fill and Sarah (they didn't like it when I called them mom and dad) would be hovering over her surrounding her with toys. They gave her own room and everything that was necessary and not as necessary, basically everything I never had and more. They treasured her and she replaced me, and you would think that she'd be a total snob and a jerk to me right, but to my surprise she wasn't she was nice to me but we didn't get a lot of time to talk because every time we were caught together fill and Sarah would take her away and I would get sent to the basement without dinner. But Samantha would get a small friendly lecture about how i'm a dangerous monster and I could hurt her badly, then she'll get a treat afterwards, yeah messed up right. I also remember every time I get a new power a shock wave would go through me and I would scream in pain but all my parents did was throw me into the basement and lock me away til my "fit" was over. But my sister would come around the back of the house and through the small window with a wet rag for my forehead and some food and stay with me till I got better. I remember the first power I received was strength. I could jump far, carry almost anything, and smash holes into metal it was cool and even though I had these powers I never told Sam (Samantha) about them because I couldn't take it if she thought I was different. She would probably start avoiding me. So I just told her the pain comes with the curse, she believed me. She is so sweet she's the only family member I can come to for help until recently, our parents cut all contacts between us we could only text each other without them knowing. And it stayed like that till high school. And that's where my story begins.

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