Sean’s POV:

The sound of laughter from the barracks brought me back from my thoughts. I stood there under the spray trying to get my heart under control. I hadn’t thought about that night in a long time. I could still feel the heat of McClane’s body and the taste of his skin. Swallowing hard I shut off the water and grabbed my towel. Going to the sinks I stared at myself in the mirror.

This meeting coming up couldn’t end that way. It didn’t resolve anything. It only made everything worse. I was determined to fix this before I left Parris Island as a Marine. I grabbed my toothbrush and was about to uncap my toothpaste when I felt someone staring at me. Turning I spotted Dover standing at the door watching me with frowning eyes.

                “You’re hiding something.” He said. Damn… why is it so freakin’ easy for him to read me?! Applying the toothpaste to my brush I started to brush. Coming over he leaned his hip against one the sink next to mine. He’d shed his shirt and stood bare chest his arms crossed his broad chest. He stood there patiently while I tried to prolong my tooth brushing. When I couldn’t brush anymore I rinsed my mouth and wiped my face with my face cloth.

                “You’re hiding something… what is it?” He asked. Clearing my throat I turned to Dover and stared at him in his eyes. Even though I was still thinking of McClane my eyes drifted lower down Dover’s chest. He stood there looking… lickable. Shaking my head I brought my eyes back up to meet his smiling ones.

                “Like what you see?” He whispered. I could feel a blush coming. Clearing my throat again I turned back to the mirror and grabbed my comb.

                “I’m meeting with McClane tomorrow night.” I said. I could see the smile on Dover’s mouth fall in an instant.

‘Well this conversation is starting off well.’ I thought to myself.

“Why the fuck would you do that? He’s a douche… he doesn’t deserve you man!” Dover hissed. Grabbing his arm I pulled him deeper into the shower room.

“I know McClane doesn’t have a great track record but I can’t ignore him—“ I started to say but Dover cut me off.

“Yeah the fuck you can! He’s screwed you over time and time now he’s here trying to make it up to you. Where the fuck was he four years ago? From all accounts you’ve been fine without him. Don’t let him come and destroy that piece of happiness you’ve managed to find for yourself.” Dover said. Shaking my head I smiled. Dover didn’t understand. There was more than forgiving McClane at stake. We were running in a circle and if we didn’t at least try we would never get out.

“I appreciate your concern but I have to meet him. You may not understand now and you probably never will but I have to do this.” I explained. Turning away Dover flopped back against the wall and hung his head.

“Whatever… do what you want.” He said. We stood there for a minute before the light dimmed then brightened.

“Lights out.” Dover said. Pushing off the wall he left me staring after him.

“Well that went as well as expected.” I muttered to my reflection. I knew Dover was just looking out for me. After spilling my guts him about the rollercoaster that is McClane I totally get why Dover thinks meeting him is the shittest idea known to man. But I refused to let this albatross around my neck hang any longer. We would resolve this even if it killed us.

Dover’s POV:

Ever since Sean dropped that bomb on me I’ve not been able to function. I wandered around base not paying anyone attention because my head was still stuck in that conversation. He was going to meet him tonight. Sean would be alone with McClane somewhere and he would fall for his charms and the chance to make him my own would be out the window.

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