Chapter 6

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"oh well I don't know" I answered.

"why not?"

" don't have my clothes unpacked yet and I don't know anyone" I said.

"That's ok and the reason I want you to go is so u can meet some of the people we will be going to school with" Kelci said.

"Ok well that problem is solved but what am I going to wear?"

"I could let you borrow some of mine if you would want to go."

"Umm, I guess so, hang on let me go tell my mom."

"Ok meet me at my place."

As I turned I was wondering what I had just gotten myself into. After I told my mom I walked over to Kelci's house. She was sitting on her patio when she saw me walk up.

"So, what did she say?" she said as she got up off the worn stairs.

"She's fine with it."


"Come on in" she said.

She led me into a large room with bamboo furniture and art all over the room. We went down a long hallway and into a small room that had purple walls and was pretty messy.

"This is my room." she said.

She walked over to a dresser in a corner.

She handed me a white bikini bottom and top, the top had sparkles on it and the bottom was tied in several knots.

"Is this ok?"she asked as I took the clothes.

"perfect."I said gratefully.

"There is a bathroom over there you can see if they fit."

I walked out with the bikini on,it fit perfectly.

"Great, my mom will drop us off in a few minutes." she said scanning me over.

When we got to the beach party it was nothing that I had expected. There were people everywhere,under tents,sitting by fires in lawn chairs,and walking around the beach.

"I'll introduce you to some of my friends."she said as we got out of the red convertible.

We walked over to a group of girls on the far side of the beach standing by a fire.

"Hey everyone I want you all to meet Brooklyn."

As a ton of girls rushed over to greet me I stepped back and fell over some shoes, I closed my eyes expecting to hit the ground soon but I never did, I waited.....and waited....and waited.

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