Good to you (a Marianas trench fanfic)

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-chapter 1

Everyone has someone special in their life, my special someone doesnt know I exist. I may have only met him four times but I felt something... Something I cant explain in words, all I know is I need to see him again.

"hey Maya!" I screamed across the parking lot "Did u get them?!" I finished "You betcha VIP this time!" maya screamed holding the tickets in the air running over to me. "I can't wait to go its going to be so awesome" it's my fifth Marianas Trench concert and this time were going all the way out to B.C for out vacay! "ok now all we need to get are the plane tickets, let's go get them now." maya said

We sat in the car for half an hour and all I could think about is how I was going to meet josh, I wasn't paying much attention to maya and all of a sudden she punched my in the shoulder, it was uh scary "holy...! Jeez! Maya what the hell?!" I screamed trying NOT to swear "were u even listening to me?" maya asked "uhhhh ya josh wasn't in your story enough though :P" I said trying to cover up that I actually wasn't listening "your an idiot my whole story was about josh..." she said smacking me in the back of the head, I was trying to hold back my laughter so was she. As we approached the airport I sat up straight watching a plane taking off thinking *that could be the plane that takes me closer to meating M trench*

We walked in and looked around, I'm a fool so for me it was very difficult not to run around the airport screaming at people, even when I was young I use to see someone shove their friend a little and I'd scream "don't hit people it's not nice!" I held it back till we got to the counter we get our tickets then I lost it. There was a, like 16 year old by herself singing baby. Like seriously I'm just like seriously, I turned around and said "shhhhhhhh!!!!" she just looked at me. "your fat!" she yelled, I just stood there for like 8 seconds till the lady at the counter said "next!" and I snapped out of it, turned around and moved foreword.

After we got the tickets and went back to the car we just sat there, in the parking lot "Uhh maya wha...." she cut me off "why? Why did u have to do that?! Your 25 Sam! Be more mature."

"all I said was shh she was the one that called me fat! Don't get angry at me!"

"oh my god you didn't need to say anything at all Sam!"

"ha all she knew from that song was baby, if I didnt do anything I'm sure u would have sooner or later."


We drove in silence after that.

When we got back to my house she helped me pack my bags, we were going for a month so I needed it. "do u wanna pack this?" she said holding up MT poster "ha ha" I said scarcasticly "I can't fold that it's too perfect" I finished.


Sorry if it's bad but I'm a armature I just wanted to make a story about my fav band. also sorry if it's got spelling mistakes

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