More Than This?( Niall Horan Fan Fiction)

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Morgan's POV

I stared anxiously out of my kitchen window as I practically sat in my kitchen sink, anticipating the arrival of the always-tardy mailman. My mother said something about not sitting on the counter during breakfast. Something about how it was rude and impolite, but I barely heard as I saw THE truck pull up. I threw myself off of my perch, swung open the front door with so much force, it came down on the wall with a large bang. " Morgan be care..." my mother called after me, but I kept on running down our driveway, right across the garden, of which I was sure I'd be spoken to about later, and right up to our mailbox. The mailman seemed quite frightened by my sudden appearance, as if I had just poofed out of thin air. He looked at me funny, handed me the mail, and walked awkwardly back to the mail truck." Thank you! Have a nice day!" I called after him. Well he wasn't very friendly....And what was with the look? This I pondered as I stared down at my purple bunny slippers. Wait a minute....I then realized I'd just run down my driveway and got the mail while still in my pajamas! So THATS why he was acting so peculiar! I chuckle to myself as I walk back to our front porch, sorting through the mail until I found IT. The envelope from the Royal Ballet Theatre in London, England addressed to me.

I had auditioned months ago for a spot in their company, had worked my butt off training for that audition. This was my passion, my dream, my life. My expectations were kept low thanks to my brother, Kyle, who never let go the chance to tell me I sucked and would never make it. I reluctantly, but also excitedly, opened the envelope and began to read.

To Morgan Clavell,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted in to the Royal Ballet Theatre.....

That's all I needed to read! I screeched at the top of my lungs, right there on my doorstep. Birds flew out of trees, neighbors jumped, and I'm pretty sure everyone in our little town of North Sandwich, New Hampshire heard. My Mom ran to the door, and it only took one look at my goofy smile and tear-streaked face to know that it was good news. She gasped and pulled me in for a bone-crushing hug. She cried and cried, for what seemed like an hour. When she pulled out of the hug, she looked at me and said softly, almost in a whisper,"If your father were here, he would be so proud." She smiled sadly and walked back inside.

My dad. I hadn't seen him in almost seven years. He left for Iraq on my first day of fourth grade. They sent him away and kept on moving him, further and further away to who knows where! I wrote him a lot, but very rarely did I get anything back. The last letter I got was when I was 13, and it was missing parts and pieces from rough transportation. Right then, I really wished he was here, but he wasn't, and I didn't know if he would ever be. A stray tear slid down my check. I sniffled as I wiped away my tear and walked inside to shove my acceptance letter in Kyle's face.

Niall's POV

"Niall, just pick! We haven't got all day!" Harry shouted. So many different types of foods! Italian, Mexican, Chinese and American! I decided on a bit of everything, not wanting to miss out. " I swear you're the only lad I know who can down that much food without gaining an ounce," Liam remarked. I did eat a lot, I was an irish lad with a fetis for food. It was all so good!

" .....Gah! I hate going. It's so boring! LEEYUM NOOOO!" I overheard Louis whine. " What are y'all talkin' about over dere?" I asked through a mouthful of chicken. Liam was the one to answer me. " The boys are complaining about going to see the Royal Ballet here in London again." Oh man. I hated sitting there. It was too boring! Harry and Zayn only went so theycould fancy the girls, especially Harry, who enjoyed looking under their various skirts and tutus. " When are we going? What performance are we watching?" I asked, trying to sound interested for Liam's sake. " We are going in two weeks to see Swan Lake!" Zayn added. He was particularly chipper to see such a boring show. Hopefully it would be worth the tortureous, boring, music!


Sorry it's a bit short! I'll make the next ones longer! School starts on tuesday for yours truly :(. I'd truly appreciate feedback from readers so please please please with a cherry on top COMMENT!!! Thank you my Lovelies<3!

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