Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Sarah's POV

I woke up and I was in a dark room. I couldn't even see my own hands! I felt weak and lazy. My vision finally got used to the dark and I used my wolf vision to look around so I won't stumble on anything. I found the door knob and opened it. The light attacked me making my close my eyes for a brief moment. I went to the kitchen to find some food and settled on a cheeseburger. I sat on one of the tall stools around the kitchen island and enjoyed my meal. 

I felt someone's presence behind me and I quickly grabbed the dagger that is under the island just in case and aimed to the intruder. It was just Alex. He raised his arms in a put-your-hands-up-where-I-can-see-them pose. I rolled my eyes and went back to eating my food. 

"So..How are you feeling?" 

I scoffed. "Last time I checked you didn't give a shit about me. You only gave a shit about which girl you're gonna pleasure your dick with." I replied with venom. Without turning my head I can tell I hit a spot. He sighed and left me alone. 

I miss him sarah... my wolf begged. I sighed. I know I do too. You don't know how much I want to just jump in his arms and make him mine again but what he did to me.. I don't know if I can forgive that..He's gonna need a hell lot of ass kissing if he wants me to forgive him. I finished the last part of my burger and washed my plate. I went ouside to look for my three musketeers. 

Seeing no sight of them I gave up and shifted to my wolf. Shifting always made me feel good and free. I ran to my usual spot. I can already hear the waterfall. I yipped in excite and ran faster. I was about to jump in the water when I saw a black wolf with blue eyes. It was Link. I walked over to him and he was facing the other way. I licked the side of his face making me nuzzle his face onto my neck. 

I shifted back to human and so did he. He passed me his t-shirt and we sat on the rock just relaxing and thinking. 

"How are you feeling?" He asked breaking the silence

"I feel like shit but hey I'm still alive." Making him chuckle. Oh my god his deep chuckle gives me shivers inside. 

"LAST ONE IN THE WATER IS A SMELLY WOLF!" I shouted pulling him in the waterfall with me. I screamed and hit the water. I swimmed up and took a big breath of air. I looked around looking for Link but he was nowhere to be found. Huh...where the heck did he go

Before I knew it I ws pulled underwater and I looked to see it was and it was Link. Sneaky bastard! He pulled me to his chest and swimmed to the surface.

"Now. That wasn't very nice." He playfully glared at me. 

I laughed at his cuteness. "Aww did the wittle wolf get scared when the big bad woof pulled him into the waterfall?" I asked teasing him. 

He bit my ear making me giggle more. HEY I CAN'T HELP I'M SO TICKLISH. 

"LIINK STOOOP OKAY OKAY I GET IT. I'M SOORRRYY" I said. He finally stopped and looked at me. His beautiful baby blue eyes capturing me. We just stood their looking into each other's eyes getting lost in our own little world. Link got closer and closer until his lips touched mine. I felt sparks which is weird since you can only feel that with your mate. 

I couldn't help but kiss back. His tounge asked for entrance and I gave it to him happily. He played with my lip making me moan. I can feel him getting harder under my ass. I moaned and grinded against him and he moaned he put his hands on either sides of my hips keeping me still against his hardness. 

"Link...." I moaned

"Sarah...Let's wait for now.." He said breathless giving me a peck on my lip. I smiled. 

He carried us to shore still keeping me around his waist. Our tounges wrestled and we only broke apart for air. He gave me pecks along my jaw. 

"Do you Sarah Withford the most beautiful and sexiest woman I've ever seen accept to be my girlfriend?" He asked looking straight at my eyes. I looked back at him and all I see is love and compassion. 

"Yes." I gave him one more long kiss on the lips before we started to head back. I just noticed the water made my t-shirt stick against my body making my nipples visible. I blushed. Link noticed my sudden expression and laughed. His deep laugh was so hot like damn! 

We both shifted into our wolves and headed back to the pack house to tell everybody the great news. 

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