I looked over to where Jackson was pointing and froze when I saw none other than Ryder West walking through the doors.

I didn't know time could move so slow and how impossible it could be to breathe. I watched as he slowly walked towards us; it seemed like he was walking in slow motion. I died. I'm in heaven. This isn't real. This can't be real.

"He's coming over here," I realized in a panic. "Why is he coming over here?" Breaking out of my daze, I turned around to bolt in the other direction but was stopped when a hand curled around my tiny bicep to get me to turn around. I looked up to see Kale with a small, knowing smile on his face.

"Don't leave," He said to me.

"I have to or I'll faint or I might even die," I informed him, keeping my back turned to Jackson and where I assumed Ryder West was right now.

"No, wait. I want to introduce you to my brother." He added.

I felt relieved. As long as I didn't have to go back to where Jackson was. It would be the most embarrassing thing in the world. I nodded, eager to get away from this situation. "Okay."

He took my hand in his, sending butterflies shooting through my stomach until those butterflies turned into little demons when I saw that Kale was leading me towards Jackson and Tommy again.

"Don't freak out," Jackson demanded softly as Ryder got closer and closer.

"Don't freak out?! I'm about to-"

"Hey, man." His voice shot through my panic. It was like silk moving through a chocolate river in the clouds of heaven and all of my panic eased away as I stared at his gorgeous, perfect face. It was even more perfect in real life than it was on my dozens of posters.

I watched as his muscles flexed when he did that dude shake with Jackson and then Tommy. My heart started beating at an unhealthy rate in my chest and I'm pretty sure tears were leaking down my face. This couldn't be happening. He wasn't real. This was just a prank. He was just a hologram. I mean, this is Hollywood, they can do any kind of effect.

To prove it to myself, I stepped closer to the hologram so that I was only about a foot away from him and then raised my finger to his cheek and delicately poked his soft skin.

His existence made me jump back with a shriek. "Holy tofu bunnies, he's real!"

The supposed Ryder West gave me a strange look hinted with amusement as Kale wrapped an arm around my shoulders, probably to keep me from poking people's faces.

"This is Jackson's sister, Holly. Holly, this is my brother." Kale explained to me.

My mouth started to hang open as I stared at the god in front of me. He was looking back at me, continuing with the amused smile curling at his lips. His hand stretched out towards me. "Nice to meet you, I'm Ryder."

I put my hands up to clasp around my mouth and I shook my head vigorously. "No you're not." I sputtered, now the nervousness was coming back. And what happens when I get nervous... "You can't be Ryder West because if Kale is Jackson's friend's brother and you're Kale's brother, then that makes you Jackson's friend and Jackson doesn't know Ryder West because if Jackson knows Ryder West, he is not going to survive. I don't want to kill my brother but if that's the situation right now, I won't have a choice. And... and-" I paused when my brain couldn't think of anything else to ramble about.

Again, his perfect face twisted in confusion. "Is she okay?" He asked, keeping his eyes on me. I should have kept a tally on how many people asked if I was okay. I was certainly not okay.

"I told you she would do this," Jackson said with a smug chuckle.

His perfect mouth quirked into a small smirk before he took a step towards me and put a hand on my shoulder, causing me to let out a loud squeak but I was frozen in my spot.

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