Floor 14

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 The number one thing that must be done while investigating as a reporter, is to find your source within a week or two for information and chase down the people who need to be interviewed about something from the past.

  In Harold's case, this actually may take a day.

 Harold got out the cabbie, but he didn't get the chance to shut the door because a young man probably in his teenage years zipped right into the vehicle with another person who apologized after bumping into harold and put him aside.

  "DRIVE TO WHEREEVER!" The boy shouted to the Cabbie, who did just as he was told.

   Harold shook his head.

  "This place already seems to be the hottest activity." He said to himself as he shook his head. He looked towards the imtimidating door that once had been what a crowd of people pushing him through because of Ghost activity which threw the the microphones from the singers grasps.

   He shuddered.

   Dorothy. He stated in his mind as he walks into the building. Dorothy, the first person. I should interview her...OFF TO THE LIZARD,LIZARD LIZARD OF CAUSE!

  ~Entering Point of view of Harold~

  I entered the building which had not changed in my week of being reassigned to a different position every so often. I scholded the floor since it inflicted a scrape on my knee as the crowd of people rushed me out.

   I remember faintly her name sounded much of Sanchez or Oz, something along the lines of the Lizard of The Cause referance.

    The man,actually sports dude, is still behind the counter reading a sports book for once in a while and doesn't seem to notice me at all. Phew. This just saved me a heck a lot of time from his rambling about stuff than last time.

   I heard the sound of wheels go into a elevator.


  I had been told Dorothy usually rolls her big metal, shopping cart-like object into the elevator a few minutes before the afternoon strikes the clock in a way. I hurried over to the elevator. "Ms.Dorothy!" I shouted,stopping the doors from closing for a moment. "Do have time for a chit-chat?"



 I kept the door open.

 "You aren't telling the truth." I stated, using my best determined reporter voice. "I'm helping the police on this case and fully cooperating with them to hand over the evidence after I have uncovered them being  one damn good reporter."


"Please reconsider.  I don't take no as a answer." I told her, struggling to keep the doors opened.

 The Lady laughed.

 "Come in before your doom comes closer." Dorothy said to me, grabbing me by my shirt collar and dragged me in for the doors to close automatically. "What case are you helping on?"

  "The Alan Walsh murder case." I replied to her.

  The woman sighed.

  "That survivor lady brags a lot." She starts a chatter kind of who.never.stops.talking once on a roll. I know this kind because I once interviewed a corrupted Senator about his latest decision to get rid of kindegarten. Simple question.Right?


  I was subjected to three hours of his chatter and what influenced him to do other things than answer my questions,sometimes he had a phone in his hand and had a multileple conversation between me and another person as he kept himself on track.

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