Chapter 1: Asgard

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I felt us to an urupt falt as we stopped on the still shattered end of the bridge leading to the castle before us, i felt my stomach grow tight and i felt sick, i knew what was to come when we entered the inside of Asgard. I felt Thor place a hand on my shoulder, i looked back at him then to asgard as we walked to the large golden gates, the guards standing before us saw loki, thor and I and quickly released the lever and the gates slowly opened and we walked in to see every citizen of asgard watching us as we walked up the steps to the palace. As we entered I saw frigg thors mother and lokis adopted mother come to us, she looked walked to thor and hugged him then turned to loki who was now on his knees next to me. I looked at him his face was a mix of sadness and resentment, i got to my knees next to him and placed a hand to his back, frigg walked to the front of us and knelt in front loki. "no matter what you have are still my son.....and i will always love you...." she said as she removed his muzzle, i watched as tears escaped lokis eyes and he broke down in front of her. "an you my dear.....i know your actions were driven by love..... i would do anything for odin if he needed my assistance.... i watched as your heart burned for his return on midgard.....i daughter...." she said as she removed my muzzle. I looked at her, she was so kind, after all we had done to midgard she still had shown us compassion, i felt her embrace me and i smiled and put my arms around her. " is not me who will judge you it is the all father and i hope his heart has the compassion for you both that mine holds........" she said as she rose from us. 

I felt loki take my hand and help me up, i looked into his eyes and fraction of the mischieviousness i had known him for before had returned, i felt him link his arm with mine. "iam ready..." he said as we walked into the throne room, Odin looked at us and rose from his throne and looked to us. I felt uneasy while standing next to loki, i looked down as i heard our names called, "Loki Laufeyson....Lillian stand here accused of treason....and taking the lives of countless have betrayed your love ones.....your friends......Midgard and Asgard......". I felt Loki grip my hand tightly as a way to tell me that everything will be alright, i hear odin slam his staff down and the ground below us trembled slightly, "you are unworthy of your loved ones...unworth to hold the last name Odinson.....unworthy of asgard and unworthy of each other......" he said as as he approached us. He looked to loki, "Loki you will remain in Asgard....alone...noone will ever speak to you or give you any kindness....never again will you be able to leave this realm..."the then turned to me,"...Lillian Barton.......I banish you to Joutenheim.....from now till you will never again know the warmth of another living soul......". "father please don't she doesn't deserve this..." i heard loki and thor plead, "Do not question my right!" he yelled to them both, i felt tears fall from my eyes as i looked to loki. Odin slammed the staff down once more and i felt a rush of cold air come from behind me, my eyes widened as i heard him yell, "I now cast you out...!" i felt a rush of energy surround me as i was thrown into the cold realm behind me. "Lilli NO!" i heard loki scream, "RESTAIN HIM" i heard odin yell before the gate shut. 

I was falling through the cold sky above me, I closed my eyes and wished the fall would kill me, but i felt someone catch me. I opened my eyes and saw a manifestaion of loki in his Jotun form holding me, i cried as he began to dissapear, "why didn't you just let the fall kill me......" i cried. I stood there in the cold alone, i held my arms to my sides and cried, i looked around the cold dark wasteland i was now standing apon. I walked for hours till i looked over the horizon to see an icy fortress, jotun men and women working tirelessly to rebuild the city around them, i began to walk down the hill when i felt a cold icy hand roughly grab my shoulder, i turned and looked into the blood red eyes of a jotun guard. "who are you....why have you come here...." he said coldly, "I was banished here by odin......i pose no threat to you....." i said quietly, he smiled and threw me over his shoulder, "we will see.....Flame Seer..." he said as he took me into the icy fortress, he threw me down onto the cold ground in front of another jotun but this one larger than all the others i had seen. I looked up at him and stopped when my eyes met his, he looked like loki, exactly like him except his eyes were blood red, his hair slicked back and white and his build was more of a jotun's large and muscular. "who are you" i whispered, he grinned evily, "I'am Loruin Laufeyson.....The King of the Frost Giants and need to tell me who you are......I saw you fall from are my...." a long pause came from him and he continued, "my have been banished to my realm for aiding him in the war for midgard.......yes I know who you are lillian....". 

I looked at him, he grabbed me quickly and stood me up in front of him, he looked into my eyes, "i can see how you could have melted his jotun heart...... your golden eyes... so innocent.... and your .....beautiful....." he said as he scanned over my body. He sat me down and looked at me, "as long as you don't cause me or my subjects any trouble... i won't harm you......but i want you to stay near me......until i can trust you....." he said as he turned away from me. "come......" he said as he lead me to his chambers, the large blue glass like doors opened ahead of me and we walked into his room, it was alot like lokis except it was decorated in silver and blue glass. He walked away from me for a moment and returned with a beautiful blue and silver elegant dress, "here... wear this.... it has a enchantment on it so you can tolerate the bitter cold......" he said as he lair the dress on the bed next to me. "I request that you meet me in the throne room.....i want to learn more about you...and" he said before leaving the room, i stood there looking at the dress. I slipped out of my asgardian clothing and into the dress, i complimented my curves and my eyes, i felt the dress warm me everytime the cold wind hit me. i sighed and thought of loki, what was he feeling right now or what was happening to him.

Loki's P.O.V

I sat in my chambers, i was repeating lilli's last words to me as i caught her on jotunheim, 'why didn't you just let the fall kill me!', i felt a tear fall from my eye. damn that girl, the way she makes me feel, a god crying for a flame seer, then again it didn't surprise me, i had developed feelings for the girl as soon as i laid my eyes on her. The innocent girl with golden eyes, pale fragile skin and long black hair, i hated myself for becoming so soft, i turned my gaze to jotunheim and saw her standing alone, tears falling from her eyes, she was dressed in a jotun corseted blue and silver dress. No doubt she had met my twin Loruin, he had taken after I had killed our father Laufey, but i knew he wouldn't hurt her, i had given him the throne of jotunheim. But his plans for her is what worried me, i didn't want her taken from me anymore than she was at the moment, her heart, her mind and body are mine and mine alone. I heard her say my name and i looked at her, "please......don't forget about me...." she said as placed her hands over her heart, i smiled and whispered to her, "i won't my love......we'll be together again... i promise...". I watched as she smiled and looked around for me but to be disapointed, my heart ached for her. I hated seeing her alone, but there was nothing i could do at the moment.

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