*45 minutes later*

"Woa. Not who I expected to see." Shane sighs.

I stare at the floor, avoiding eye contact. "Me and Annie need a place to stay. I'll explain if you let us inside." Jason speaks with urgency.

"You know if she didn't look so upset, I'd send both of you out on your asses." He looks pissed.

"Look, I'm sorry man. But this could be very dangerous for us to go back home. Now I need to know if we can stay or we need to leave now."

Shane nods and shows us inside. "Should I close the blinds?"

"Sure." Jason shrugs.

"What's going on?"

"Um I'll tell you later. I need to make a phone call." My eyes bulge and my mouth opens in protest. I grab Jason's arm pulling him back. "I have to call the police Annie..I have to. I'll only be a few minutes." I swallow nervously and let go of Jason so he can go into the other room to talk to the police.

I hug my knees while I sit on the couch facing the black-screened TV. Shane and I don't speak..I make no eye contact whereas he is constantly staring at me. "Take a picture..it'll last longer." I mumble.

"She talks." I clench my knees harder. And so it begins.

"I'm not doing this right now Shane." I sniffle fighting back more tears.

"Okay." Jason has been on the phone for like 10 minutes and not once checked on me. "Do want something to drink? Eat?"

"Im okay. Thankyou." Shane sighs and then leaves the room. Seeing him leave, I relax. Just him being in here makes me nervous. The air kicks on and goosebumps cover my body like a blanket..a cold, bumpy blanket. I look out the window and watch as little specks of water form on the window..then the pitter-patter sound of rain echoes throughout the house.

I hear someone walking into the room and hoping it's Jason Iook towards the person. It's definitely not Jason. "Here." Shane hands me a mug.

"I don't drink coffee."

"I know. It's hot chocolate." Hot chocolate is exactly want I need right now..how'd he know?

"Umm..thankyou." He watches contently as I take a sip.

"I remembered you saying you loved hot chocolate."

"When did I say that?" I blink.

"When you were drunk in my arms." He smiles.

"Shane- I don't want to talk about that. Can we pretend it never happened?" What else did I tell him?

"We can pretend..but I'll never forget it." He sits down next to me and covers me with a blanket. He is so frusterating! I'm trying to hate him right now and he's making it really hard.

"Alright..I talked to the cops-" Jason walks in and I can tell he is a mix between confused and pissed. He glances back and forth between me and then Shane..his face slowly relaxing. "You okay Annie?"

"I'm fine. What did the cops say?"

"They're sending a team to investigate but they can't promise anything. They need evidence before they'll send someone to protect us." Jason roles his eyes.

"Do you mind if I ask what's going on?" Shane interrupts.

I glance at Jason. He gulps. "When I was 6, our parents left us alone to go on a date night. Annie was only 3 and I was supposed to take care of her. Everything seemed to be going just fine until it reached our bedtime."

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