Chapter 14

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Enjoy! :)

Chapter 14 :)


"What's wrong Annie?" Jason asks me completely confused and worried.

I feel the air around me grow cold as my face turns pale. "It's..him."

Jason's eyes stay confused, "Who.." Everything around me seems to move in slow motion and voices around me are muffled. Jason tugs me out of the booth and out the door. "Annie it's going to be okay. I'm getting you out of here. He didn't even notice you. He won't remember even if he did."

I reply using monotone, "How can he not. You know what he did."

"We don't know for sure Annie." I turn my head in a slow..dangerous way.

"Don't..even..defend him." I growl with furiosity dripping over my words.

Jason's eyes widen causing me to turn my head. "Go..go go go gO GO!" I scream as I hit the car window. Jason fumbles with his keys trying to hurry but he can't keep his hands still so he drops the keys.

"You have to be fucking kidding me! Jason hurry!!" I release a blood curdling scream as the man approaches our car and pulls at the car handle.

"Leave her alone!" Jason yells as he jams the keys into the ignition. The car rumbles as it starts! "Go away! You can't take us too!" Jason throws the car in drive and peels out of the parking lot.

"AAahh! He's here! He-he-he's here..Jason. We have to movee.." I sob as tears flood my face and shake down my face.

"Annie it's going to be okay. We will stay with Tod tonight..maybe for awhile."

"It won't help anything! He always finds us!"

"Annie stop crying we're going to be okay."

"Noo.." I sob.

"Annie. Listen to me. Tod and I aren't going to let anything happen to you. I promise." The car is silent as we approach Tod's house. Jason checks his review mirror to see if anyone is following us. "I think we're safe."

"Park some where else just in case. We can walk."

"Good idea. The longer it takes for him to find us, the longer we have to get a police report going on him." Jason pulls in a spot at the playground a couple blocks away.

"What are you doing?" I go to get out of the car but Jason stops me.

"Calling Tod. Making sure he's home."


"Hey you home?"

"Sorry man I'm not. Why? What's up?"

"Damn it..I'll explain later but it's an emergency. You know if anyone else is home?"

"Well..Shane is..but I know you'll hate th-"

"No it's cool. I think he's perfect."

Jason hangs up. "He's not home. We are going to Shane's."

"What! Nooo! I refuse! Jason! I thought we hated him!"

"Listen. He knows who we are friends with. He knows who we've been fighting with. He won't expect us to stay with Shane. I'm sorry but it's him..or our safety."

I glare at him. "Fine. But I'm not talking to him without you in the room."

"That's fine."

"And I want you sleeping in the same room as me."


"..Are you sure we have to go-"

"YES. End of discussion."

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