Death by Shadows

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It’s 3am and I’m scared shitless, I’m at home alone my parents went away to see some family members I didn’t tag along seeing as I don’t get along with any of my cousins. Besides I knew my dad would drink to his heart’s content wish will enable him not to drive. Meaning we would have to spend the night there, I could barley stand them for an hour never mind sleeping over so being the teenager I’ am decided to just stay home. I wish I would have gone I would give anything to go with my parents right now.

My day started off as any normal day would, my parents left at 5pm, at 7pm I called my friend over and he came bearing gifts, beer, vodka, and my favorite weed. We started dinking and getting plastered when we finished the beer and vodka we pulled out the weed and started smoking it, that’s when my friend Mike pulled a quija board out. He started telling me that he’s been playing it for a week now and has been talking to a ghost named Sam. I’m skeptic I never believed in the paranormal I mean why would I its all stupid, I even said this to Mike to replied by saying "that if it’s bullshit then why not play it and see for myself". So I humor him I put my hands on the planchete and asked "is there anyone who wants to talk"….nothing happened…I turn to Mike and say "you see its all bullshit". That’s when the lights in my house when out. And then we started to hear noises, sort of like heavy foot steps. That’s when I lost it I yelled Mike "stop fucking around your not scaring me". I got no rely nothing "MIKE" I yelled nothing. The lights came back on and Mike was nowhere to be found." Mike if you jump out and scare me I’m going to beat the shit out of you" nothing no reply. I got up and started looking for him.

I looked everywhere and I didn’t find him so I just went back to the living room and started watching TV I thought that maybe he was going jump out and scare me or maybe he went home whatever the case he wouldn’t get far we were both drunk and we really couldn’t walk for shit without holding on to something. Things were quite I was starting to pass out when I heard a high pitched scream. I got up I was shaken to my core "what the fuck was that" I asked myself. That’s when I started to hear my name being yelled "Nick!!!" " NIIIIICCCKKK!" these were wails of pain. I didn’t take long for me to figure out it was Mike who was calling for me. I thought it was a joke but the way my name was being called for. It was full of fear and desperation. I was getting worried I got up from the couch and saw a trail a blood I froze with fear. I didn’t want to follow it I didn’t want to know what was at the end of the trail. But I had to find out as I took the first step I heard my name again "Nick!" My blood was running ice cold I would hear murmuring and voices everywhere, it was starting to get very cold, the lights were going off and on. I cold hear the laughter of children, but it wasn’t laughter of joy. It was laughter full of dread. It took every ounce of me to follow the trail of blood; it was leading up to my room. I didn’t want to go in I didn’t but I had to. I opened the door to see Mike tied to my bed with blood gushing out of stab wounds I looked at his face and I will never forget it. It was full of fear dread and his eyes were looking up at the ceiling he never made eye contact with me. I looked up that’s when I saw this shadowy figure it the shape of a man with red blood shit eyes. And in his hand he had a knife he looked at me and smiled as he plunged the knife deep into Mike’s stomach. Mike yelled and screamed with pain the figure then reached into Mike’s stomach and pulled his intestines out for Mike to see. I felt sick I vomited then and there. Mike convulsed and eventually stopped moving. The figure looked at me and said in a voice that will haunt me forever, it was deep and raspy and full of hatred "you should be running". I quickly bolted out the room.

I reached the front door a great sense of relief was overcoming my body as I opened the door a great feeling of doom hit me. The figure was there he smiled "did you really think I’ll let you leave that easy?" I ran the other way I went into the bathroom the lights were flickering on and off I quickly locked the door and put one end of the broom on the door the other end on the wall as to provide a barrier. And I just started crying what was I going to do what could I do, then the lights in the bathroom turned off. I could see faces in the mirror looking at me with a menacing look the light came back the walls were moving in, vibrating almost. The pills in the cabinet started flying out, the towels were falling. The toilet paper was being flung around he room the door was being pushed up against. The bathroom window shattered into a million little pieces. I took my phone out and wrote this tale to tell my parents that I love them and to tell Mike’s parents that I’m sorry there was nothing I could do. I’m sorry I’m so fucking sorry……………

The shadowy figure burst through the door Nick screamed and screamed in terror then there was nothing absolute silence.

Nick’s parents came home the next morning they found the front door wide open, the house was silent they could smell the alcohol aroma of vodka and weed. But underneath the stench was another one a rancid smell. They went into there son’s room and to their dismay they see a male body there, it was bloody and tied. His intestines were on the bed beside it they screamed in horror. The father runs to the body and though he’s distraught at what he’s found he’s relieved to see that it’s not his son. He gets up and looks around the house, which is oddly clean, to clean he thinks to himself. He reaches the bathroom door and finds it locked he pushed up against the door till it gives in. he looks inside to see his son covered in blood in his right hand is a knife.

The police came later they did an investigation, and found alcohol in Mike’s body, but they also found traces of PCP. They ran a drug test on Nick as well and found that he too had PCP in his body. The weed they had smoked was apparently laced with PCP, it didn’t take long to figure out what happened the boys had been drinking and smoking they may or may have not known that is was laced with PCP. And Nick in his delusional state of mind may have gone paranoid and tied and murdered his friend. All this is speculation since the incident Nick has gone on to say only say four words and for words only. "It had red eyes."….Nick later committed suicide he had somehow stolen a scalpel and gone into the bathroom and slid his wrist…. But the odd thing is as the nurse walked in his room she could have sworn she saw a man....or maybe it was just a shadow

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