Chapter Twenty-Two

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*Louis’ POV*

I’d known that the reason I wasn’t sleeping was because Niall wasn’t next to me but now it seemed everyone knew including, unfortunatly, Harry. Harry was the reason I was standing here now, in front of Niall’s house in the middle of the night. It was the night after I’d fallen asleep on Niall’s lap and Harry had told me that if I didn’t come over here and get some sleep he was going to call Nialler to come over to our house. I knew that if Harry called him he’d probably end up waking up not only Niall but Maura as well and I was already up so I figured I may as well come over here.

I knew they’d both be in bed asleep by that time so I didn’t bother knocking, I just tried the door and luckily it was open. I stepped in, being as quiet as I could and closed the door behind me before hurrying upstairs to Niall’s room.

I knocked quietly hoping not to wake Maura, which would just end up causing awkward questions which I really didn’t want to answer. There was no response from inside so I poked my head in the door.

‘Niall?’ I asked in a stage whisper ‘Niall, wake up.’ I really didn’t want to just climb into bed next to him without explaining myself first that would just cause another awkward morning.

Niall groaned and rolled over, rubbing his eyes.

‘What are you doing here?’ He asked groggily.

‘I couldn’t sleep again.’ I replied stepping into his room and pulling the door closed behind me.

He sat up, ‘How can I help? Do you want to talk or…?’ He trailed off questioningly.

My heart fluttered, he didn’t even begrudge me the fact that I’d woken him up, he’d just immediately asked me what it was he could do to help.

‘Well I was wondering if I could try sleeping here. I mean I fell asleep really quickly last night when I was lying in your lap and Harry suggested that I might sleep better around you.’ I shuffled awkwardly from foot to foot.

It sounded even weirder asking it out loud but Niall just nodded. ‘Of course you can.’ He pulled back the blankets and patted the bed next to him.

I quickly slipped out of my cloths until I was just in my underwear before climbing into bed next to him.

‘Thanks Nialler.’ I said quietly staring straight into his eyes. Even though it was dark his eyes were shinning like usual. I wrapped my arms around his waist before whispering, ‘You’ve got really gorgeous eyes.’

It has to have been the lack of sleep talking, if I’d been in complete control and not totally sleep deprived I wouldn’t have been saying the things I was nor doing what I was about to do next.

I leant forward and pushed my lips against his cheek before whispering in his ear ‘All of you is gorgeous,’ I trailed my lips down the side of his face, ‘you’re gorgeous.’ I breathed hardly moving away from him.

I felt him shiver and a whimper came out of his mouth. I pulled away concerned and as another shudder ranked his body.

‘Niall what’s wrong?’ As soon as the words left my body he broke down in my arms. Horrible sobs shook his fragile frame as tears began to pour out of his eyes.

‘What’s wrong? Please talk to me.’ I begged, cupping the side of his face and whipping a tear from his cheek.

‘I… can’t.’ he choked out between gasps.

I pulled him gently against my chest. ‘It’ll be ok Niall. Whatever it is, it’ll be ok.’ I said rubbing his back. ‘You’ll be ok, I’ve got you. I’m not going anywhere, I’m here for you. I’ll look after you.’ I wasn’t really surprised to realise that this time I actually meant every word that left my mouth, I really did want to look after Niall, for as long as he would let me.

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