Second story I post here, on Wattpad :) It's only about 20 pages (4 chapters). It's the first actual story I write so comments would be massively appreciated!!! I wrote this in June, so it's already completed. 

I need ideas for the cast! Please comment below which celebrity would suit Anna. The boys are all played by the members of One Direction.

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When I think about everything that has happened since June 30th, it seems as if it was a dream. I can’t believe all this really happened; to me of all people. It all started on a sunny and warm June 30th morning. School had just ended and my brother Louis and I were almost done packing for our summer trip to Miami. Louis had just turned 19, which meant my parents were finally letting him take me on a trip alone. I was very excited since Louis had been very busy lately and we hadn’t spent much time together. On June 29th, we made our final preparations and left June 30th at 8 am. It was my first time in Miami so I was very excited. Louis had rented a lodge on the beach, which I found amazing. When we finally got to Miami Beach, Louis went to get the lodge keys from the owner and we started unpacking everything. It took two hours to set everything up but it was worth it.

“We should go sight-seeing!” Louis suggested.

“Good idea! And we should go on the beach after.”

“Okay! Let’s go.”

We walked around for a good three hours before we decided to call it quits and go relax on the beach.

“I’m gonna go play volleyball with those boys.” Louis announced. “Are you coming?”

I took a look at the four boys in question. My first thought was ‘wow!’. They were very good looking and about the same age as Louis and I.

“No, I’ll stay here and get started on my tan.” I finally said.

‘Okay then. See you later!”

While Louis was playing with the boys, I decided to check them out in case we ever became friends. You never know. The first boy was blond with blue eyes. He was talking to a tan guy with dark hair and eyes. Louis was talking with the two others. One of them had light brown hair and brown eyes while the other had longer curly brown hair and sparkling green eyes. The greened eyed boy was the most attractive if you ask me. About an hour later, Louis came back to where I was tanning.

“The boys want to meet you. Come with me!” Louis said.

"I don’t think that’s a good idea.” I said looking at my old, floral bikini.

“They don’t care about what you’re wearing.” Lois said seeing what I was doing. “They’re really nice! With this attitude it’ll be a very lonely summer because you’ll have no friends.”

I don’t know.”

“Come on Anna! Live a little. You’re 17 for crying out loud.”

“Fine! I’ll go meet them.” I agreed.

I followed Louis to where the boys were and waved.

“Hi I’m Harry. What’s your name?” the green eyed boy asked.

“Hi! I’m Anna.”

“I’m Liam.” said the boy with brown eyes and light brown hair. “This is Zayn,” he said pointing to the tanned boy, “and this is Niall.” he said pointing to the blond one.

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