I won't bore you with what happened at the reheasals the next day. Basically, we figured out when I would get up onto the stage, and how besides the whole wait-backstage thing. We also had a nerf gun war and Niall was dragged around the stage by Harry and Louis and Zayn at different points. Basically I'll jsut skip to the day of the concert.


So today was it. It was the day of the concert. I had gotten texts from Halliy and so we talked all morning until I had to leave to go to the venue to get ready for the show. She had asked me about Niall and the rest of the guys. But mostly Niall. I couldn't tell her anything about the two of us so I'm glad we were texting. When I told her I had to go she wished me luck and told me to have fun.

I got to the venue around 12:30 in the afternoon and we did a final soundcheck and went through the set and getting me up to the stage. We had it down to a science by the time we were done. Well, without the thousands of screaming fans. I just hoped that I wouldn't get trampled when Niall came down into the crowd. And I hoped that when he did come down, that he didn't get scared or hurt.

I went to hair and make-up. The stylist who I got was named Carrie. She was new apparently. She was probably maybe twenty. Long brown hair and brown eyes. She was really pretty and nice which was good.

She started with my make-up. She told me what she was doing the entire time. She put on foundation to even my skin tone and blush to highlight my cheekbones. But not a lot of blush, thank goodness. Then she applied some brown eye liner just on the top eye lid and also mascara. Apparently it would bring out my eyes more. Put more focus on them. I just went with it. Then she put on some lip gloss.

"Can I see myself?"I asked.

"Nope. Not until I'm completely done. Which means not until your hair is done, and you have your clothes on."she told me smiling. I had a lose t-shirt and running shorts on.

"Okay,"I said disappointed. She laughed and then began to do something to my hair. She took my hair and made it so my natural curls were more together and then she put this stuff in it and I really don't know how to explain it but she squished my hair up and then let it fall again. Then she took it and put some over both of my shoulders and then the rest falling over my back.

"Okay, now time to get you dressed."She said. She took my hand and led me to a little room type thing. Then she handed me jeans, a grey t-shirt and a peach coloured cardigan. Why they chose those colours? I don't have a clue. I put the clothes on careful not to mess up my hair.

"Okay Carrie. I'm dressed."I said. I was rewarded by being handed a pair of peach coloured flats. I put them on my feet. Then I walked out of the little room carrying my other clothes with me. I set them down on a chair. Carrie had covered all the mirrors with fabric. Dangit.

"I have one other thing for you."she told me."Sit please." I sat down in a chair. Carrie pulled out a grey floppy beanie and put it so that it covered the back of my head, leaving my bangs and hair around my face out. Then she pinned it into my hair."Okay. Now you can see yourself."she said smiling at me. Then she took off the fabric froma mirror and spun the chair around.

as soon as I saw myself I stood up and touched my face to make sure it was still me. She was incredible at her job! I looked flawless. And she was right, about my eyes. I was immeaitly looking at them. And my lips. My eyes were drawn to them. I looked at the clothes and the way they looked on me. They made me look skinnier and taller. And everything together made me look older. Then she handed me an earpiece so I could hear myself. I hooked the reciever onto my waistband and let the earpiece stay in my pocket until I would get onstage.

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