Weeping Willows

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The souds of the oceans beating drums crashed against the cold black rocks in which I sat upon. Water splashing violently against my legs, the wind whipping through my hair sending my chesnut curls into a fritz. I sat there with my eyes closed and my back against the cold rough earthy rocks, allowing myself to fall into the spells of the oceans curse. For the stragest reason sitting here curled up against the ocean tide, always found a way to calm my head enough to think.

I pulled my hands to my baren pale shoulders as a gust of cool winters air rushed across my skin, leaving in its path a trail of goose bumps and shivers. I looked into the far of distance where a distubrance in the water appeared. I focused my eyes closley to the area in which it appeared from and smiled softly to myself. "Its the dolphins again." I whispered quietly to myself.

"How I wish I could be free like the dolphins, to roam freely unafraid of pain and loss. Just swim all day without a care in the world.." I sighed closing my eyes as a saltly tear drifted down my cheeck slowly.

"Willow!" a voice from the distant sang.

I turned my head slightly towards the sound and answered "Yes, Molly?"

"Dinner time!"

"Ok be right there!" I sighed as I took one last look into the waters edge and the swiming dolphins. "One day...one day Ill find out how it feels to be free....free from all the hurt and pain of the world." I whispered to myself as I stood up whipping off my jeans and headed of to the house.

"What took you so long sista?" Molly said with a smile plastered on her face.

"I was just looking into the ocean-" I started.

"One day your gonna fall right in and never get out." She joked.

I smiled softly and nudged her arm as I looked at the table unsure of what in the world she was attemping to feed me. "ummmmm Molly..." I snickered quietly, "what in the hell is this?"

She placed her patite perfectly fake tanned hands neatly onto her size zero hips and sneered "mealoaf..duh!!!"

"If this is meatloaf then you should realy contemplate working in a school caf sis." I laughed.

She looked at me and we both fell into a fit of the giggles, laughing and making jokes that we knew were jokes. Her laughing at my poorly colored brown hair and laughing at her fake tan and bad cooking skills.

Molly was my best friend of almost 9 years, she had been there with me through all that was rough and beautiful. When my mother died, she was here for me to comfort me and hold me through the hard nights. When I felt alone, she was there to laugh at me and make me feel better. Yes, we had our issues, but in the end she was there for me as not only a best friend but the sister I never had. Her and her perfectly blonde hair, and model ready body without an inch of imperfectness present, she normally had every guy she could ever want. And then there was me....I had naturally red curly hair that I oftenly died brown, pale skin and green eyes, don't get me wrong I had a size zero body as well, but not as nice as Molly's. I was always jealous of her, but I loved her anyways.

When we both had cleared out plates, that was often the cue that the close "family bonding" was over. She would either head out to the clubs or wherever she went. And I would eitherback outside or sit on my porch outside my window, just so that I had time to think...time to be myself. Yes Molly and I were close, but there were things....feelings I felt that I knew she could never understand. So when I was outside or by myself I would just soak it all up and bottle it inside. I knew that no matter how much I wished, how much I desired no one would ever understand. I was alone in the world....and that was something I had learned to cope with.

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