They followed me. My breath is heaving from all the running I have done. They have been following me since morning where I found them all piled up waiting for some fool to find a food stash. 

Such as me.

Back at the present, I pushed past by the cardboard boxes and jumped on top of a dead car. I pulled out my metal pipe and threw it hard into the crumbling building. It struck right into it and I quickly smiled, jumping up to grab the bar. My hands grabbed it and I swung myself in around it then released my grip on it, flying through the air for a couple of seconds. The air flowed through my golden locks and I landed on the rooftop. I landed on the wrong side of my foot and I bite my tongue to make sure no noise would escape me. 

I turned and looked around, my breath slowing down but I couldn't get up. My foot had to be sprained and that means if they catch up to me, I will become a...


A chill ran down my back and I turned around to face a boy about my age who stared at me. His blood red eyes stood out from his pale skin and black trench coat whipped in the wind. A silver pistle shined in coat and red button up shirt glimed at me. He grinned at me with two pointed teeth and held out a gloved hand.

"The name's Zen," he says, "I'm from the Black Dawn Incorpation. I'm here to help out others from becoming extinct."

I blinked and stared at him. Black Dawn? I've never heard of them before. He grabs my hand and pulled me up. He stood at least over six feet tall and smiled at me.

"So what's your name?" he asks and I blinked, scanning the area quickly. I couldn't hear any of them but I knew they have been following me.

"What about the Zombies?" I asked him and he chuckled, putting his arm around me.

"Don't worry, girly." he says and I narrowed my eyes. Girly? He wouldn't be calling me that for long. 

"I sent them back to where they belonged." he replied and I blinked.

"What?" I say. 

He brought me over to the edge of the cliff and my eyes widen.

No way in hell. 

He had massacred all of them into a bloody mess.

Not a single one left undead. 

I snapped my head back to him and his eyes shined at me. I opened my mouth to say something but he put his hand to my mouth. It tasted like leather. Leather has been gone since they came. 

"I'm a Savior, girly." 

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