One Direction

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So erm.. basically, like...

Back to school!

Back to school sale!

Back to school free haircuts!

Back to school.. get ready for a great year with Hilton's Orange Juice!


I was mentally preparing myself for the WORST year ever.


During my 'not-so-glamorous' years in Middle School, I've learned alot, got my first kiss, made PLENTY of mistakes, got everyone to hate me, started drama, lost my best friends, got bullied, and shoved all the embarrassing moments i've had into my head.

I mean, mistakes don't define who or what you are.

But I've made to many.

I was getting my head mentally ready because in 2 days, my life changes.

I don't sit in front of the computer nor spend hours on my iPod listening to music anymore. My mom has threated to take my loved possesions away at 8 in less than 72 hours.

Forget all that.

I've learned I have no classes with people I like, therefore, I am stuck with dumb-ass nerdy teens crowding there way around me at the lunch table.

I felt tears coming to my eyes just thinking of how my life was slowly getting worse.

"4 more years Lex. 4 more years." I told myself.

I sipped my coffee, logging into facebook.

1 NEW MESSAGE: AREN PRETTYGURL KURR-   hey! Readi for scool?! If you r not doing anythin tom. Come meet me at the park 'round 2? :)

I didn't perfer hanging out with people who aren't 'cool', but I need to change.

I typed back a quick 'sure' before pulling on my baggy sweatpants and tying up my blonde hair.

I made a side note to make sure to fall asleep before 4.

I erased my search history, then shut down my computer, grabbing my Ipod and headphones.

Pushing the play button- Melanie Fiona started singing, making me fall deeper into sleep.


"Heeee Heeee Heeee Hiiii." Stuttered the short red-head holding out her rather-sweaty hand.

Instantly, she reminded me of a donkey the way she hyperfenalated.

"Hello babe!" Harry said, giving her a flashy smile.

I gave her a quick smile, pulling Harry down the street before both of us fell into complete laughter.

"Oh God.. for a minute I thought she was-was dying." Harry laughed.

"S-stop Harry, that's mean." I barely chocked out, under laughter.

Harry shook his head as we made way towards our flat.

I quietly knocked on the door, hoping Liam wouldn't awake.

Normally, I would have freaked out when I saw Perrie standing in front of us, but we've acutally gotten used to her.

We quietly walked passed her, knowing we weren't allowed out this late.

"Ow!" I heard Harry grumble.

I looked back to see that Harry had ran into Liam's door.

"Way to go dumbass!" I yell-whispered hurrying into my room to shut the door.

"WHAT THE BLOODY... where were you Harry?" I heard Liam ask.

I pushed my ear up against the bedroom wall to hear the convo.

"Uh-I-I-was-I just erm... Well... Ask Niall! Gotta go." Harry stated slowly.

I heard a low growl, then a door shut.

I made sure to lock mine before jumping on my bed.



"Whaaaat!" I loudly mumbled.

"Nialler, asdfasdf FOOD asdfasdf GONE." I heard those 3 horrible words, fastly jumping out of bed.

I ran to my door, unlocking it and running out to find everyone dressed and slowly standing around the house.

Zayn looked at me before laughing hysterically.

"It worked." Laughed Louis.

"Everytime." Agreed Zayn, highfiving him.

I growled at them both before heading into the kitchen.

"Every morning." I whispered.

They do this every morning.

I grabbed Zayn's leftovers from nando's quickly finishing it.

"Let's go on a walk." Offered Liam.

The boys mumbled quick 'nah's and no thanks.'

"I'll go!" I said.

His face brighted up, grabbing his phone and heading towards the door.

"Wait." He said, staring me down.

"Uh, Liam?" I asked, completely confused.

"Niall, you're wearing the same thing as yesterday... you said you were going to get in your pajamas and sleep yesterday." He said concered.

"Oh, I um. Sleep...Dressed?" I said quickly, running into the room to change.

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