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"Come on, (Y/N) that guy is no good," your best friend Soori tried to talk you into breaking up with your boyfriend.

She had seen him talking to other girls while he was dating you but every time she tried to tell you, you wouldn't believe since you were so helplessly in love with him.

"he's a woman hopper." Soori declared. "He's going to break your heart,"

You thought as your boyfriend to be the best man alive, the one that would protect you in your darkest times. But every since Soori began to tell you these things you began to have your doubts about him, but of course, your naive heart just wanted someone to love.

"Come on Jaehyun isn't that bad, he would never do anything to hurt me," you tried to stand up for him.

"Okay then, whatever you say (Y/N). But if he turns out to be a cheater and a dickhead, remember that my door is always open." She places a hand your shoulder reassuring you that she's always going to be there.

You nodded and checked the time on your phone realizing that it was almost time for movie night with Jaehyun. "Oh, I'm sorry Soori, I gotta go. Jaehyun and I always have a movie night on Wednesday and I don't want to keep him waiting." You smiled thinking about last weeks movie night.

You could just feel his arms wrapped around you and his lips pressed against your cheeks and you couldn't wait.

"Okay, talk to you later (Y/N)." You soon left Soori's house and walked towards your car. You drove off with a smile on your face ready to see Jaehyun's face once again.

You pull up into the parking garage of Jaehyun's apartment complex. Now walking into the elevator to go to Jaehyun's floor some people were already coming out of the elevator.

You decided to be polite and move aside so they can get out without bumping into you. Two guys were having a conversation as they walked and you were a little curious so you stood around and listened.

"Gosh, Room 323 is always so loud," One guy said as he scoffed. "ever since two weeks ago, the guy who lives there is always bringing a different woman to his apartment almost every night."

"I know! I heard him bringing another girl up there when we were leaving—" you didn't stay to hear that last part when you realized something.

Room 323 was Jaehyun's apartment.

As the elevator stopped you rushed to get out and run the halls to Jaehyun's room. You were going on a whim at this point, those guys could've been joking since they probably saw you standing there but even that didn't really make sense in your mind.

Your thoughts began to answer themselves as you heard low moaning as you began to come up to Jaehyun's apartment.

You thought to yourself that Jaehyun wouldn't have the audacity to cheat on you. When you met him he was such a sweet guy, you never thought something like this could happen in a perfect relationship like yours.

But then it dawned on you that relationships are not perfect. They all had their own flaws in some way.

As you neared Jaehyun's apartment you could hear moaning just by standing in front of the door. You were out of breath and was ready to break down into tears. But you still didn't want to believe even though you could clearly hear it. There was still a chance, he could be watching porn for all you knew.

You stood on the tips of your toes and looked through the peephole. There you saw Jaehyun kissing another girl on the couch, her moaning vibrates off the walls as she called for him to keep going.

Your heart broke when he did keep going not once even thinking about you at the moment. You loved Jaehyun with all your heart and just seeing this made your heartbreak.

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