It had been slimy. Like a cess pool of drunk, sweaty bodies humping one another in some weak pathetic excuse for sex. It was beneath him, and he had known it. So why had he been there?

   "Rainierrr." A girl moaned as she pressed up against his leg like a bitch in heat. "Let's dance." Dyed blond hair, fake green eyes, and a rack that was full as a mountain. A regular conquest for any day.

   But this drunk and sloppy? It hadn't been pleasing and Rainier, instead of responding, had simply slipped out of her grasp and moved away. His mood, mildly dampened by the mornings liquor and the nights booze, rolled angrily in his stomach. He had wanted so badly to leave.

  And ironically he'd gotten everything he wanted and then some.

   He and Landon stared back at Natalia and watched as she settled her friend to the floor and tried to aggressively open the door. "It's locked." Landon huffed. "I already tried that ten minutes ago. We're shit out of luck."

   Natalia said nothing but took a brief second to glare at the two boys like they were scum beneath her shoes. And from the rumors she received she couldn't be more right.

   Why had she come into this room of all places? She glanced down at Sara and watched as she curled into the fetal position, gurgling something about a slight headache.

   Great. A smart person would just stop trying to open the obvious locked door.

   But Natalia would not give up so easily.

   "Sara." She whispered fiercely, leaning over her inebriated best friend. "Give me your hair pin."

   Sara give her a sloppy smile. She couldn't understand why Natalia looked so serious. "It's a party." she cooed, patting her legs, "Have fun." The girl never had any fun, and she would show her how, as soon as her head stopped pounding.

   Natalia stared for a moment, and gave a heavy sigh as she dropped to the floor. "It's dirty." She mumbled, dragging Sara up to lay on her lap. "You better not throw up on me."

   Landon and Rainier watched this exchange in silence. Natalia felt their stares and looked up with another fierce glare. "Can I help you two? Take a goddamn picture."

   Landon snorted. " Why would I want a picture of you?"

   Natalia raised an eyebrow. "So you can use those man-boy hands of yours to pull at what is most likely is a disappointingly small penis."

   Landon almost gasped but instead snorted. "Babe, if you are trying to sweet talk me there are other ways." If she was questioning the size of his penis he would have absolutely no problem proving her wrong. Hugely wrong. "What's wrong with her anyways is she drunk?"

   Sara picked up her head and seemingly took in her surroundings. Where the hell was she? And why was she in a room with Landon and... Was his name Raindown? Nope that wasn't right. Rainshowers. Yeah! That sounds about right.

   "Hey is your name Rainshowers? Because if that's the case it's kind of funny." Sara giggled at her own humor and watched Rainshowers expression go from blank to horror.

  "My name is Rainer." He tried not to shout but he was sure his voice went up a slight octave. Beside him, Landon chuckled. Even Natalia tried to hide her obvious smirk. He was oh so glad everyone found his name being butchered comedy.

   He shook his head. What the hell was wrong with this girl? He's seen girls who are trashed beyond repair and yet she didn't seem to be like any of the others at all. Was she naturally this insane? Hm, it would explain the relationship between the two.

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