The BiG Day(=

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Saturday , June 29th Around 9:00 A.M.

(They Woke Up x Sat In The Kitchen Eating Ice Cream)

Cashhs POV

Yonna-(taking a big scoop of ice cream x eating it) Now This Is How You Start Out A Great Day.

Ally- You Ain't Never Lied -(GCO By Her Phone Ringing Indicating A Text) Momma Said MB Coming At Ten. AT TEN?!?!?! Oh My God We Only Got One Hour Til They Come.

Liahh- Well Lets Get Ready (they all get up leaving their ice cream on the table)

Allys POV

I Zoomed To My Room To Take A Shower I Got In x Got Out. I Put On My Outfit Put On Some Red Eye Shadow , Put My Red Lip Ring Ball In Painted My Fingernails x Curled My Hair . I Even Put Me A Bang it Was Swooping Over My Eye x To Top Everything Off I Put On My Big Red Bow Headband. I Also Sprit A Little "Ocean Waves" Perfume My Favorite One.

Yonnas POV

After My Shower I Put On My Outfit Quickly But Neatly. I Put My Yellow Belly Button Piercing In. Then It Was Onto My Hair I Put It In The Neatest Bun I Could. To Complete My Hair I Got My Yellow x Black Sunglasses And Put Them On My Head. I Slapped Some Glitter Lotion x Perfume On Me x I Was To Go.

Liahhs POV

My Shower Was Quick x iHurried And Got Dressed. When I Got Fully Clothed I Did My Hair Mainly Jus Brushed It To The Back x Put On My Silver "POWPOW" Ring x I Was Ready To Get It.

Cashhs POV

I Got Out The Shower x Quickly Got Dressed. I Puffed Out My Hair , Put On Lipgloss , Put On Alittle Perfume x Eyeliner x Is Was Good To Go.

Wee All Came Out Of Our Rooms x Sat Down In The Living Room It Was 10:02 & They Were Late.

Liahh- Ladies I Gotta Say We Look Gorgeous

Ally- You Ain't Never Lied...

--- The Boys POV---

Ray- Whats The Address?

Roc- 1314 North Freeman St.

Prince- No, Its 1315 North Freeman St.

Roc- No Its 1314 North Freeman St.

Prod- Its Actually 1316North Freeman St.

Ray- Could've Said That -_-

(They Pull Up To The House x Get Off The Tour Bus)

Roc- Damn This House Big!

Prince- Yall Can Stay Here x Fantasize About The House While I Will Say Hello To The Girls That Are In The House.

Yonnas POV

We Were Just Waiting For The Boys But Eventually We Lost Hope.

Yonna- Guys I Don't Think They' re Coming

Ally- Yea Me Either.

Liahh- And To Think I Got All Girl-(GCO by the Door Bell Ringing) Ughh(getting up) Who Is It ?!?!?

??- Prince...

Liahh- Whoo?!

??- Princeton From Mindless Behavior.

Liahh-(starts screaming) AHHHHH THEIR HERE!

(All The Girls Get Up x Run To The Door)

Liahh-(opens door)

Prince- Hello Ladies...

End Of That Chapter How Was It?


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