What Could Have Been.. Chapter 1

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Grace’s POV

                The last few weeks of school went surprisingly fast. I spent most of my time studying for finals, so I didn’t have a lot of time to think about Tyler. I spent all my free time that I wasn’t studying doing everything in my power to stop thinking about him. He was better off without me, he couldn’t have me dragging him down. Ugg I’m thinking about him again, why can’t I just get over him…I thought. It’s because you love him, you always will, the little voice in my head nagged at me.

                I was dragged out of my thoughts again by my best friend Kayla. It was her 18th birthday so we were going out clubbing for the first time. We were underaged, but we both looked way older so we were hoping to get in easily with our fake id's. “Grace, snap out of it. Jeez, you’re always in lala land about that guy. Just get over him already!” Kayla said. She had moved here after Tyler had left with his band, so she never knew who this mystery guy I always thought about was. I had told her what happened, but I never told her who because she was a huge fan of 'This Century' and I didn’t think she would still be my friend if she found out. “You made a mistake, but you have to move on!” Kayla said bring me out of my thoughts again. “Besides I know something that will cheer you up! Guess who’s back in Canada?” Kayla said looking very excited. Before I even had a chance to answer her though she was already screaming, “THIS CENTURY! AHHHHH”.  I already knew this though, because despite me and Tyler no longer talking to each other, I still loved him and his voice. It had always made me feel better when we were kids and still did to this day.

                Once Kayla had calmed down we helped each other get ready. I had turned 18 in May but had waited for Kayla to turn 18 also so we could go for the first time together. “Let’s go get wasted!” Kayla shouted making me chuckle. I had already decided not to drink enough that we couldn’t drive back even though our parents said they would pick us up. I didn’t need alcohol to have fun as long as I had my best friend at my side. I was wearing a black pencil skirt with a pink flowy shirt on top bringing out my green eyes. My blonde hair was curled and pinned to one side with a very light amount of makeup. Kayla was wearing a black strapless dress with her brown curled hair flowing nicely down her back.

                When we got to the club it was surprisingly short wait and then we were in without any problems. We went straight to the dance floor. Moving and shaking what our mothers gave us. We when I was bumped into and went flying into Kayla. I was about to turn around to yell at the person to watch where they were going but the words got caught in my throat. I knew those curls from any where…


So there's chapter 1! I know I already posted it before with what now is the prologue but I decided to seperate them. I know the chapter's aren't very long I'm sorry but hopefully that just means that I will update more often! :) Remember to vote and comment if you like it! And I love feedback so if you have any THANK YOU! -Hayley Xx

Picture on the side is Harry Styles as Tyler.

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