Stench Wave

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"What was that?"

I turned around just in time to see that Kate had passed out on the floor

"Who dealt it?" I yelled, scanning the group. The room was already getting hotter, and the air conditioning was doing more harm than good.

"Someone open the window please" I said, fanning myself with a magazine. Jared had already carried Kate to the window seat in a bid to revive her. I went to help him by fanning her with the magazine

"She's still out cold" Mina said in a worried voice.

"Don't panic- we'll get her up soon" I said, trying to sound like I had everything under control.

Jamie hadn't said anything all this while. He came up to where Jared put Kate and shrugged

"I'm sorry guys but this one is needed"

"What are you talking ab- oh man JAMIE!"

Jamie laughed as we scrambled to get away from the new stench wave.

Just then we heard someone cough

"Gosh what happened? EW!"

It was our turn to laugh as we watched Kate kick Jamie in the gut in an attempt to get off the window seat

"At least you could hv said you dealt it earlier" Mina said as we helped him up.

"I... I didnt" Jamie said while attempting to catch his breath.

"But... You just"

"I just figured that if one "wave could knock her out, then maybe one could bring her back"

We all stared at him blankly

"Like two negatives making a positive" he said with a shrug

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