Chapter Thirty: Plans

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                “Don’t worry. I’ll make it quick,” he laughed. “In the meantime, why don’t you and I have some fun?” He got closer to me.

                I tried to back away, but I was stuck. I had to get away from him.

                I kicked his knees as hard as I could, making his legs buckle underneath him. He fell to the ground without a sound, and I made a run for it.

                I struggled with the door because he had locked it when he came in. Pushing it open, he came up behind me and gave me one blow to the back, closing and locking the door again.

                Steven pushed me down to the ground, face first, and I hit it hard. He picked me back up and then threw me down again, kicking me with great force. I gasped for air.

                Blood started to come out of my mouth as I struggled to get up.

                “Fine Hannah, we’ll do this your way.” He took out some rope and drug me back onto the bed. He pulled my arms above my head and restrained them, tightly. I was trapped.

                “You know, we could have been really good together,” he smiled, taking out a roll of duct tape.

                “Go to hell!” I screamed before he ripped a piece of duct tape off the roll. He put it over my mouth and walked away.

                “Now we’ll just wait for Harry to come along. Since you decided to put up a fight, I won’t make it quick. You get to hear him scream.” His eyes lit up.

                Terror filled up inside as I struggled to breathe. Tears rushed out of my eyes, one after another. I couldn’t watch Harry die. I couldn’t.

                I squirmed on the bed. Twisting my body back and forth, trying to wiggle myself free. Steven just stared at me and laughed.

                That’s when my heart had completely shut down. I heard the sound of a key card being pushed into the door to the hotel room. Something only someone who was staying in this room would have.

                                                                TO BE CONTINUED…

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hey everyone :) Hope you are still enjoying the story. I mentioned before that the farthest I was going to go with this story was chapter 30, which is this; however, there is a bit more left to the story that I think you will all want to hear. I could be wrong, but you know...I'll write it anyway. SO THIS WILL NOT BE THE LAST CHAPTER!!!! The end is coming, but I have a plan for at least 3 more chapters, so hold on! We are almost there. I hope this chapter is a good one! I know it is really short, but I felt it had to stop there so the other chapter had somewhere exciting to begin!! I love to hear all your feedback, SO PLEASE LEAVE SOME!!!! And thank you all for everything you've done/said to me already. It means the world to have so many people like my story. It really does. Anyway, I'm enjoy and be ready for some more thrills!!! :) xx _Holly_

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