Capitolo Sette✔️

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Lucia POV

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Lucia POV

I tried my hardest not to jump in my seat as we arrived where Antonio was taking me for our date.

We were in front of a Barnes and Nobles store. Now I know it seems like I'm very much a boring nerd, but I love Barnes and Nobles as if it was my own family. I could literally spend days inside the book store, living off of the fictional lives of the characters in the books and of course the small café inside.

"There's another bookshelf in your room, not too big, pick out some books and then we'll go to the next place." Antonio said. He didn't need to tell me twice either. As soon as the driver opened the door on his side, I literally crawled over him and rushed inside the large building.

Inside, it was empty, no one except for a few employees here and there was inside. The place was huge, there was an escalator leading to the second floor of the building and the café took over about a fourth of the first floor.

I immediately headed over to the young adult and teen fiction areas. Those are my favorite types of books.

Back at home, I had bookshelves of books, I normally buy a bunch at once before going back to get more. This way I'll be occupied for a while, letting more books get published, so I can restock. I haven't been to a Barnes and Nobles in two years, so there should be plenty of new books in stock. I'd planned on coming soon, just not this soon, but it works.

"Oh look at this one!" I beamed at a book where the cover had a boy and a girl kissing while in a lake. The book had three other books in the series and I picked up every last book. Antonio took them from me and handed them to the body guard who'd been following us around.

"Do you like these?" Antonio asked me. He held up two books, one of which I liked and the other didn't seem too interesting.

Yes, I judge books by their covers. But only books, people are different.

"Yes to that one, no to the other." I said. He put the one I didn't like back and handed the other to the body guard, who was gradually growing quite the stack in his arms.

"Have you read the twilight series?" I asked Antonio as I came across them. Of course I've read each book about a million times, but in the mist of packing and keeping mini demons away from my room, I forgot my books. I hadn't planned on bringing a lot anyway, but I wounded up changing my mind. I'd just buy more when I had the chance and this is my chance.

"No I haven't." He answered. I grabbed two of each copy and handed them to him.

"Now you will." I beamed.

Needless to say, we spent about an hour and a half in the store, going from teen fiction, romance, young adult, and mystery book categories. At the check out there were stacks of books and the person behind the counter looked very overwhelmed by the plethora of books.

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