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Chapter 3: Never Let Me Go

And it's breaking over me,

A thousand miles down to the sea bed,

Found the place to rest my head.

Never let me go, never let me go.

Never let me go, never let me go.

And the arms of the ocean are carrying me, 

And all this devotion was rushing out of me, 

And the crashes are heaven, for a sinner like me, 

The arms of the ocean deliver me.

Never let me go – Florence + The Machine

Claire's POV

I yawned and stretched as I woke up in Myrnin's bed. Wait – Myrnin's bed!? I jumped and fell out of it, he caught me and placed me back on it, laughing.

“Good morning, Claire!” He sang, yes – sang. Very badly may I add.

It made me laugh and I sat up slowly, my head hurt. Ouuuuch.

“Myrnin? How long have I been here?”

“Only one night. You arrived here last night all damsel-in-distress-like so I decided to help you and allowed you to sleep in my bed.”

I gasped as the memories from last night came back. “I-I need to go home. Now. Y-You have to take me home.” Myrnin looked hurt and but he shrugged and decided to not put up a fight. The decision had been made. Even though I was hesitant after it was made. There was one side of me which wanted to go home and beat the living shit out of Shane for what he had done and then there was another part of me which didn't want to feel anything, the part which made me want to curl up into a ball and hide away from the world.

Myrnin pulled the car around making a very loud screeching noise, which I winced at and I climbed in anyway. It was bright and sunny now. It did not reflect at all what I was feeling inside. I felt awful, betrayed and humiliated. The only thing I wanted right now was for someone to hold me, hold me together – like I was a puzzle...Like I was about to fall apart if they let go of me.

He pulled up to the house and kissed my cheek like normal, I nodded and threw my bag over my shoulder and I ran up the steps and unlocked the door. “Claire!” I heard Michael yell from the living room. He ran out and wrapped his arms around me tightly, I began to sob into his chest uncontrollably and my tears stained his shirt, he didn't seem like he minded because he held me tighter to him and I whimpered quietly. “I've been so worried about you, Claire.” He whispered into my ear softly, his lips brushing over my ear gently.

“I-I had to get out of here, I'm sure you know w-why.” I muttered,

“I do.” He said seriously as he pulled back and smiled slightly at me. “I took care of it. Shane got what he deserved,” my eyes widened and I stared at him.

“Michael! You didn't-”

“No! Of course not! Do you really think I don't have any self control?” He chuckled, shaking his head. “I told him to pack his things and move out, or get his life sorted. Eve begged him to stay and I couldn't fight with her as well. So, we came to the conclusion that he would have to pay for what he's done. He's going to be the one who's doing the washing up, the cleaning up. Doing everything in this house. Oh and he has to donate his blood every other day.”From what I recall; Shane would do anything to get out of donating blood. So congratulations to whoever came up with the idea of him being punished in that way. It was most likely Michael; so I was thankful for that.

“That's going to be torture for him,” I murmured under my breath.

“He deserves it, Claire. I'm sure you know that.” He replied calmly. He seemed pretty calm with the whole situation. Michael had always been very mellow, never mind the situation. He always took the higher road and tried to be the better person. With this situation; he just decided to get even. Not quite revenge; even though I'm sure that he would just love to get revenge on Shane. Probably more than life itself right now.

I nodded, “I know.” I wrapped my arms around him again and he lifted me up into his arms and carried me to the sofa in the living room, Michael sat down and then turned and lay down with me on top of him. I snuggled into his side, there was just enough room for that. He threw a blanket over us and he kept his arms tightly around me. I felt safe and I never wanted him to let me go. Michael kissed my hair softly in the silence and for once it felt nice to just lay here silently, I let a few tears escape when I soon realized that Shane and I used to do this all the time; just lay here in the silence.

I raised my head and met my eyes with his. “Never let me go...”I whispered to him. I saw something change in his eyes, I wasn't too sure what it was. Michael brushed the back of his hand across my cheek and I felt a deep blush rise instantly. He brushed my hair away from my face then his lips moved towards mine slowly.

“Never.” He muttered, barely audible to my human ears. I stared into his eyes as his lips moved towards mine. Even though I should feel guilty, I didn't. Michael was something different entirely. His lips brushed over mine and I could feel his hot breath on my face, before he got the chance to capture my lips with his a screech erupted through the house which made me jump and I fell off the sofa. I gave him a serious look as he was laughing hysterically at me.

The screech was definitely Eve, well; who else would it be? From what I heard Shane wasn't here. Wait, did Eve even know that I was home? I stood as did Michael and we both made out way up to Eve's bedroom.

He pushed open the door as if it was poisonous and I rolled my eyes and shoved my way in. I was attacked by black and white and I clung onto Eve with everything I had. She bobbed around in a circle and I met eyes with Michael. Right now; everything felt perfect. Like nothing could ruin this moment.

Or so I thought. The front door opened and closed again. Us three all looked at each other in annoyance because we all knew who it was. Shane. The betrayer. One thing was certain...Shit was going to go down.

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